A Tesla driver was left stranded in the vehicle after the Model Y car suddenly lost power. This was the man’s first race in his new car.

“I can definitely say that the horror stories about Tesla cars being horrible appear to be true,” tweeted Tesla car owner Tom Exton, a YouTuber who collects cars.

Exton said he only drove 15 minutes at night after a full charge before the Tesla suddenly asked him to pull over because it was “stopping.” Once he did, the vehicle lost power, trapping Exton inside.

The man tried to follow the instructions to use the car, but ended up with a broken window, according to Futurism.

Two hours waiting for help

“I couldn’t open the door by conventional means, so I had to use the manual emergency system on the door,” said Exton, who “somehow broke” the window.

Unfortunately, Exton’s ordeal did not end there. The driver had to wait over two hours in sub-zero temperatures for roadside assistance to finally arrive.

As he endured the wait, the man tweeted that he was “relieved” his girlfriend or dogs weren’t with him, adding that “there’s a reason they get so many Teslas out the door on lease deals cheap”.

“Do yourself a favor and get a Polestar. Or anything but Tesla,” the man raged.

Other disasters caused by Tesla

A driver claimed in 2021 that his Tesla car suddenly stopped in the middle of a six-lane highway after warning him that it had run out of power, despite the fact that moments earlier the car had estimated that it could still travel 165 miles.

In 2019, a father of five was burned alive in his Tesla after the self-retracting door handles failed to open in a crash, his family claimed.

Critics say incidents like Exton’s are emblematic of both Tesla’s poor quality control and the “over-engineering” of cars that rely on unnecessary electronics.

After all, the futuristic qualities of a Tesla car are one of its main attractions. But these qualities may prove too unreliable for widespread use – especially as the cars age with a notoriously poor service infrastructure.

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