The representatives of Romsilva have published a new video with a bison in the Vânători Neamț Natural Park. In the pictures you can see how the bison takes a “dust bath”.

“A dust bath in the middle of the forest is welcome for a free-ranging bison in the Vânători Neamț Natural Park, the funny moment being captured by our colleague Lică Balmoj,” Romsilva specialists wrote on an online social network.

The bison is the largest European land mammal, reaching a weight of 920 kilograms in the case of more imposing males and 640 kilograms in the case of females. Females live in herds with their young, while males are solitary, according to Romsilva.

The bison was reintroduced to Romania’s fauna in 1958

The bison was reintroduced to Romania’s fauna in 1958, by Romanian foresters, by bringing two bison from Poland, named Podarec and Polonka. Gradually, several nuclei of bison were formed, one of them being the one from Vânători Neamț Natural Park.

Vânători Neamț Natural Park, one of the 22 national and natural parks managed by the National Forestry Authority – Romsilva, is located in the north of Neamț county.

Romsilva – Neamt Hunters Natural Park covers an area of ​​30,818 hectares, of which 26,190 hectares are forests, on the eastern slope of the Stânișoara Mountains and Neamt Subcarpathia, covering the Ozana and Cracău basins.

The National Directorate of Forests – Romsilva manages three bison herds, in Bucșani Hațeg and Vânători Neamț, with a total herd of over a hundred specimens.

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