A journey through the injuries of the Fair, Rafael Nadal

Tennis has seen so many figures that seemed insurmountable as they grabbed titles. However, the Spanish tennis player, who tops the league table grand slam— was in charge of breaking records, both earliness and longevity. This does not denote the absence of difficulties. Let us therefore recall Rafael Nadal’s injuries which enhance his legend.

Indeed, physical problems were not an obstacle to his continued growth. Indeed, they served as motivation to return to the top level against all odds. Similarly, in a half day of the Australian Open revealed his feelings: “I can’t say I’ve had any luck with the injury problem, because that wasn’t the case. The key to this success is passion…”.

Rafael Nadal’s main injuries

Let’s take a chronological tour of Rafael Nadal’s main ailments, cracks, fractures and all kinds of injuries in his long career as a professional tennis player. Let’s begin!

Broken Elbow (2003)

Rafael Nadal’s injury ordeal began in 2003, when a crack in his right elbow put him through a 1 month recovery. The origin of the physical difficulty was a fall in the middle of training with Toni Nadal.

The elbow is a very important joint for tennis players. Her constant movement on the pitch and in training exposes her to injuries.

Broken Left Foot (2004)

In 2004, Spaniard was physically disabled from a fracture of the scaphoid of the left foot, caused by stress. In other words, the repetition of the movements, both jumping and running, and the overload towards the left foot, have generated the appearance of the fracture.

It was a severe sporting and emotional blow that prevented him from participating in tournaments such as Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​​​Rome, Hamburg, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Swelling in the left foot (2005)

The inflammation in Nadal’s left foot was a product of Müller-Weiss disease suffering. It consists of an anomaly of one of the bones located in the midfoot or tarsal scaphoid. The absence on the fields lasted 4 months, also missing the Paris Masters 1000 and the Shanghai Masters Cup.

Shoulder and arm discomfort (2006 and 2007)

Due to discomfort in his left shoulder, Nadal left the field Of the Queen in 2006, while he was disputing a high-tension duel against the remembered Lleyton Hewitt. This decline lasted 2 weeks.

In 2007, however, problems with his left arm arose that made him say goodbye in the second round against Juan Mónaco of the Cincinnati Masters. Although he only managed to return to the ring 7 days later.

Knee tendonitis (2008)

Come 2008, the knee tendonitis Rafael Nadal’s right has done its job. It was a difficulty in the tendon that serves as a link between the kneecap and the tibia.

Discomfort arose in a duel against Nikolai Davydenko, when he played the Paris Tournament. In turn, it forced him to stop for 1 month.

Rupture of the patellar tendon (2012)

One of Rafael Nadal’s worst injuries in his entire career was a ruptured patellar tendon. The aforementioned tissue, which joins the quadriceps muscle to the tibia, plays a predominant role in knee extension. Moreover, It is not a common ailment in tennis.

The bad news, together with the 7 months of absence, was reflected in the failure to participate in the Olympic Games in London, Cincinnati, the US Openin Shanghai, in Paris, in the Masters Cup and in the open FROM AUSTRALIA.

Taking off her wrist sheath (2014)

To be more precise, Nadal’s injury was based on disengagement of the posterior ulnar sheath of his right wrist. To this end, he was 3 months away from the fields and competitions such as Canada, Cincinnati and the US Open.

Iliopsoas Injury (2018)

The injury in iliopsoas It is characterized by causing an acute discomfort in the groin areawhich forced Nadal out of a match against Marin Cilic, valid for the quarterfinals of the open FROM AUSTRALIA.

Then, he came back after 2 1/2 months, having played tournaments like Indian wellsYou love me, Of the Queen and Cincinnati.

Iliac psoas anatomy.
The iliac psoas is a compound muscle that causes problems in some sports, such as soccer and tennis.

Abdominal Injury (2019)

During the warm-up, before a match at the Paris Masters, another injury to Rafael Nadal occurred. This time in the abdomen.

It was an abdominal tear, despite initially being thought to be a break in the fiber. Therefore, its presence was excluded for the END ATP extension From London.

Back injury (2021)

By 2021, aged 34, Nadal was forced to battle injury again. The origin of the physical problem was in the back, although the exact root is unknown due to the secrecy of the Spanish medical team. arriving to assume that it is a mechanical low back pain due to spasm or dysfunction of a muscle.

Rafael Nadal’s story continues

Rafael Nadal’s injury tally is proof of how difficult his path to glory has been, but despite that, he’s figured out how to adapt to the circumstances to stay competitive.

The history of the Clay King still has pages to write. We’ll see if the injuries respect the last strokes of a living legend.

In the meantime, he already has a guaranteed place at the table of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Andre Agassi and other geniuses of the green sphere.

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