A palace dessert: Carlotta with lemon

A tin of biscuits, condensed milk and a few lemons is all we need. to make a sweet treat, ideal for a snack or after a meal. These ingredients are part of the succulent and very simple recipe: lemon carlota.

With some resemblance to lemon cake original, this recipe added the egg and sugar directly into the biscuits. This recipe of French origin is a piece of pastry that we can all make in the comfort of our kitchen.

Ingredients for Lemon Carrot

To prepare the lemon carlota the important thing is to have a can of evaporated milk, another can of condensed milk, and at least two packets of Maria-type cookies. The latter are neutral, egg-based and with a characteristic sweetness; in these products will be the consistency of our dessert.

Maria cookies on a plate.

As for the measurements, the can of evaporated milk should contain about 360 ml. Meanwhile, medium-sized cans of condensed milk typically contain 397g. In turn, the overall measure for the biscuit is 170 g.

Obviously the star ingredient cannot be missing: lemon. About six or eight units will be enough to give us the amount of juice we need for this meal. The actual measure needed is about 16 tablespoons of juice, equal to 200 ml.

Optionally, we could highlight the flavour with half a can of cream (225 g) and also 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon. These are additional ingredients and are not required to create the original recipe; Everything will depend on the taste of each cook and the diners.

Carlotta recipe with lemon

  1. First, squeeze the lemons to get their characteristic acidic juice.
  2. Said liquid must be placed in a glass container with a certain depth in order to be able to make the respective mixture.
  3. Then add the evaporated and condensed milk.
  4. The mixture must be quite homogeneous, therefore it is advisable to use an electric mixer.
  5. Once we have obtained a compact compound, we have to make the layers of the lemon carlota.
  6. YouWe take a refractory mold and place a first layer of Maria biscuitsarranged one above the other.
  7. Once these are like a bed, we pour some of the cream we made on top.
  8. About this sticky solution, place the second layer of Maria cookies the same way we did the first time.
  9. On top of this new layer we will put the rest of the cream made. Being on the bottom, this should be a little thicker and contain the lemon flavour.
  10. Finally, take it to the freezer
Process of the homemade lemon carlota recipe.

The good news is that since the cookies are ready we will never use the oven. On the contrary, we will put the pan with the lemon charlotte in the freezer. The minimum time of exposure to intense cold will be 30 minutes.with the intention that the dessert solidifies.

There are those who prefer to leave the cake in the fridge for a whole day, avoiding the use of the freezer. Both procedures are feasible, although the latter allows more control over the final result. In this way it is easy to verify that the paste has set, without freezing too much.

Before serving

We can put some cinnamon powder to taste. Some people grate a little lemon zest and add it on top of the dessert. Both additional ingredients enhance both the flavor and aesthetics of the piece; You can also top it with whipped cream.

Carlota's finished cake with lemon.

La carlota de limón, pole attributed to two queens

Some versions claim that this dessert originated in England, during the rule of King George III.. According to this story, the dessert is named after his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

A second version indicates that the inventor of the sweet, Marie-Antoine Carême, did it by altering the recipe of a sweet called Charlotte Russa. The charlotte would be named in honor of the wife of Tsar Nicolai I; would be the name of Charlotte of Prussia.

Both historical figures were contemporaries and dominated the most powerful nations on the planet. Perhaps we will never know with certainty which of the two queens should be given the name of this cake. The truth is that its flavor has elevated it, since its creation, to a monarchical status in the pastry world..

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