Abdominal rupture: the injury that leaves Rafael Nadal out of Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal always makes tennis headlines, but in this case it’s due to an unfortunate event: an abdominal tear. The Spaniard has officially announced that he will not play in the Wimbledon semifinal.

After winning an epic quarter-final while playing injured, his physique can’t accompany him on a new endeavour. His tear in the abdominal area must heal if he is to continue with the remaining championships this year.

What happened to Rafael Nadal?

This abdominal tear in the belly muscles started in the match between Rafael Nadal and Taylor Fritz. In the midst of the dispute, the athlete had to temporarily suspend his participation evaluate the pain he was experiencing.

He retired to the locker room for a few minutes and was advised by the professionals. He was able to get back on the pitch and win one of those impossible matches we’re used to.

He did it with pain. His services could not bring the usual power because the abdominal rupture did not allow him to perform the movements with intensity. He explained it himself later.

The match with Fritz ended and Nadal qualified for the semifinals of Wimbledon. There began the secrecy of his inner circle because It wasn’t clear if he could make it to the match with his full bodydated Friday 8 July 2022.

Rafael Nadal retires from Wimbledon.
Rafa Nadal’s retirement was long in coming. The tennis player wanted to be sure of his real possibilities.

The decision to leave

The Wimbledon semifinal between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios will not be played due to the Spaniard’s abdominal rupture. After assessing his health and need to stay fit for the remainder of the season, it was publicly announced that he would be leaving the tournament.

The decision was supported by health professionals. The hours before the announcement, Nadal trained under the eyes of his physiotherapist (Rafael Maymó) and his doctor (Ángel Ruiz Cotorro).

The diagnosis that defined the fact of not exposing yourself to the excessive effort of the next match was the confirmation of a 7 mm tear in the abdominal muscles. What is this injury about?

What is an Abdominal Tear or Rupture?

Abdominal muscles are different. We don’t know which one is specifically injured in the case of Rafael Nadal.

Nor do we have specific information about the defining characteristics of the lesion. We may be facing a distention, a tear of some fibers or a complete tear. Every scenario is different.

by itself, a tear is a break in muscle tissue. Muscles are a network of fibers capable of contracting and relaxing. If these fibers break, the affected area loses function.

However, fiber breakage may be confined to a few or many of them. With an ultrasound of the region it is possible classify the injury:

  • Myofascial Tear: It happens when the superficial muscle fibers and the layer that covers them (aponeurosis) break down. The prognosis is very good.
  • Fibrillar tear: in this case the lesion does not exceed 2 mm. The prognosis is very good because it tends to heal with rest, almost without altering the functionality of the tissue.
  • Multifibrillar tear: It is the accumulation of several small tears in the same area. Thus, there is a buildup of fluid and the muscle becomes inflamed. It has a good prognosis, although it requires more rest to heal.
  • Fascicular tear: This wound is frank can exceed 3 cm easily. Also, due to the volume, blood accumulates and forms a hematoma.
  • Full tear: As the name indicates, this presentation is the most serious. The thickness of the tissue is completely broken and any connection between one area and another is lost. Therefore, you are left with two sections of muscle that cannot work together.

Do you have a solution?

The approach to an abdominal injury varies depending on the severity of the condition. In any case, an almost immediate rest is necessary. In a certain sense, this indication comes to validate Rafael Nadal’s decision.

Once rest has begun, kinesiological work is imposed to accelerate tissue healing. It is known that Nadal expects to be back in the ring in about 4 weeks which is not impossible.

For this you will have to follow the instructions of your physiotherapist regarding rehabilitation. In this regard, the treatment protocols combine various techniques:

  • Diathermy: uses a high frequency current to reach deep layers. Localized heat would speed healing.
  • massage therapy: It consists of manipulations that the professional makes on the region. They must follow a certain order and be directed in the appropriate directions so as not to increase the degree of injury.
  • dry puncture: the technique is related to acupuncture. Needles inserted into myofascial points are used to reduce the pain that accompanies this type of condition.
  • Percutaneous electrolysis: Galvanic current is used which is passed through an acupuncture needle. That’s why it’s considered a semi-invasive modality. The intention is to stimulate healing.
Diathermy for injuries.
Diathermy is a technique widely used in physiotherapy-guided rehabilitation. Speeds up the healing process.

Abdominal rupture is not unknown to Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is going through his fourth major abdominal injury in his career. Away, in 2009, he had some troubles during the US Open; to the point of losing the semifinal against Del Potro, who played with his reduced abilities.

Then, in 2018, the Masters 1000 de Paris would warn him again that something was wrong with his abdomen, repeating the story again at the same tournament in 2019. The second time he had to withdraw from the final.

The current decision seems correct. The athlete himself admitted that he did not feel capable of facing two more games.

With the proper accompaniment he has, he is very likely to be back in court in 1 month. At 36, Nadal still has a career ahead of his injuries.

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