Admirable: the supermarket bagger paid off the debt with coins earned by working

A young man paid off the debt he had for months, right on time, thanks to his perseverance, work and effort. People’s honesty is a value that makes them shine wherever they go and that was the case with this guy.

This is a supermarket packer who has taken out a loan with the intention of paying it off 8 months after buying it.. To the surprise of many, and especially the woman who gave him the money, this man was on time. But it was the way he paid off his debt that shocked the lender even more.

We invite you to learn about what happened between the packer and the woman who lent the money and how significant timely payment was for both of them.

The young packer has paid the debt

The man paid the debt thanks to his effort

The young worker was very clear in asking for the amount of money to borrow. His lender, Lupita Santos, said so through her social networks. And that’s it she couldn’t contain her shock and surprise when she received her money back when she least expected it.

“They say when you do something with your right hand, your left hand doesn’t know it. But this is to be admired. Eight months ago someone borrowed me 1,500 Mexican pesos ($71), that person has a low income and now works as a packer.”Santos initially expressed in his profile of Facebook to describe in detail what happened.

As the young man would initially say, When the 8-month loan was over, he showed up at Lupita’s door to pay back the 1,500 pesos.. This was a sign of how busy and responsible that is, because the creditor admitted that he had not rushed him or mentioned the debt issue since that first meeting.

the young man paid the debt

A loan paid penny by penny

The packer paid the debt with a batch of coins earned on the job. In this way the woman was satisfied with the deal she had made. Especially since she never felt the need to remind him negotiation.

Today it is increasingly difficult to count on sincerity, commitment and honesty by the people. Therefore, gestures like this are precious and deserve to be shared. While it should be, it’s a shame whenever scams and deceptions arise, regardless of the bond that unites people.

The protagonist this time is the table with piles of coins by Lupita Santos. But these gestures must be replicated, because we should all have the power to do that we give our word and make it happen.

Furthermore, this opens the door to new and better opportunities, as it fosters trust in the relations and gives positive results under any circumstances.

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