Advantages of fabric wardrobes

There are several advantages of fabric wardrobes, in relation to costs, assembly, location, storage capacity and cleaning of the same. Obviously, it all depends on the use and function you want to give them.

Next, we’ll learn a little more about the benefits of this versatile furniture, as well as how to care for and maintain it to make the most of it when organizing all your household items.

Fabric wardrobes: what are they?

The word dresser derived from to assemble, implying by this that it is an element that can be assembled. Although what defines it is the fact that it is used to store clothes and other items, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Now when we talk about this kind of furniture, perhaps most think of a wooden one, very large, with doors and mirrors. It can also be associated with those that are built into the wall, such as a wardrobe.

However, today they are made of various materials, whether they are metal, plastic or wood products, such as MDF or melamine panels. In particular, there are the fabric wardrobes, whose structure can be made of metal rod.

Among the features of the latter, we can highlight the following:

  • They have various compartments. to store clothes or other objects, depending on their strength or resistance.
  • Some have front zipper or roll-up doorsso they help protect against dust.
  • They come in a variety of designs and sizes.adaptable to the space or to the needs of the people.
  • They can be made from canvas, cotton, synthetic or plasticamong others.
  • They are usually washable; At least the fabric part.

Speaking of this last point, you can buy some tall fabric wardrobes on the market, which have a bar for longer items, such as dresses, trousers or jackets. There are also organizers with dividers, designed for storing towels and sheets, storing shoes or hats, caps or other small items of clothing (scarves, socks, underwear), as well as belts.

Wall cabinet.
Cabinets can be very different from each other. The availability of space is a fundamental factor in choosing the right one for each home.

Advantages of fabric wardrobes

As much as we try to organize objects in the different spaces of the house, it often seems that they overwhelm the shelves and shelves available. In this regard, there are many advantages that fabric wardrobes provide us with. Let’s see in more detail.

1. They take up little space

While they come in various sizes, some are generally small or narrow (starting at 60 centimeters wide). This is a big advantage over the wooden ones, they are usually larger.

There are even fabric wardrobes designed to make even more use of the space inside the wardrobe. This way they make up storage strategies for small parts.

2. They are versatile

In the same order of ideas, another advantage of fabric wardrobes is that can be placed almost anywhere in the housefrom the bedroom to the bathroom. For example, you can have one for clothes fresh out of the dryer, which would also help tidy up the laundry room.

3. They are discreet

And because we can choose a variety of patterns and colors, They don’t clash, but they fit the decoration. Some even come with bolder designs, depending on your particular taste.

4. Everything in its place

The main reason to buy another wardrobe at home is that It allows you to have items in one place which, if dispersed, would not only create an impression of clutter, but would be more difficult to spot.

5. Time saving

Being a very effective resource for maintaining order, They also help us save time and effort.. For example, when we get dressed for work.

6. A second option

If what we need is extra storage space to clear the main one, especially for storing items that we don’t need right awaythe fabric wardrobe looks like a glove.

7. For the bathroom

In the bathroom we also need to store things:

  • sponges.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Hand or face towels.
  • Personal care products.

8. In the kitchen

Another space where you can take advantage of a fabric wardrobe is the kitchen. Gloves for holding hot pans and paper towels, among other items, can be placed there.

9. In the sewing workshop

In a cutting and sewing workshop You can have such a piece of furniture to store templatesas well as for scraps of fabric, threads and other tools.

10. Shoemaker

They are a good alternative for shoes. And even more so if it’s an open cloth closet and running shoes are stored, since these will dry faster, preventing the occurrence of various health problems.

It is worth noting that, according to art researchhumidity and heat, both due to the fact that the feet or shoes do not dry, are factors that can predispose to suffering ringworm pedis or athlete’s foot.

11. They are light

cloth wardrobes they weigh much less than wooden furniture. Therefore, we can easily move them around the room if we need to clean. And we won’t scratch the floor.

12. Easy to carry

Every time we move, we see it wooden wardrobes are an additional problem when you want to get them down a ladder or place them in your vehicle. But this doesn’t happen with fabric ones.

13. Protection of objects

At the same time that allow you to order, they help to protect objects, protecting them from dust or other elements, as well as naughty pets.

14. Cost

One of the biggest benefits of fabric closets is this its price is usually relatively low, as they are made from cheaper materials. Its cost can be up to 20% of that of a wooden wardrobe.

15. Easy to assemble

Some of this furniture is sold ready to use; others are disarmed, to carry them more easily. However, its assembly process is not complicated.

16. It is easy to clean

The fabric they are made from is usually washable. Then they can be disassembled and put the fabric part in the washing machine. Then clean the frame or frame with a sponge.

17. Mold reduction

According to what the University of Florida, both the inside and the back wall of the wardrobes is a space in which the air circulates poorly, so it is common for mold to develop. However, the fact that fabric wardrobes are easy to clean, air and move, Help prevent this problem from occurring.

18. Kids love them

Kids tend to like cloth wardrobes, especially those that have a playful design. These are more flashy and They go well with the children’s room.; much more than a traditional wooden furniture.

19. They are stored when not in use

If we don’t need the cloth wardrobe for a while, it can be disassembled or folded, depending on the model, and stored away. This way you won’t take up unnecessary space.

20. Strong and durable

Despite its fragile appearance, fabric wardrobes are usually durable. Frame materials can resist rust and moisture; although this depends on the care that is given to them.

Fabric organizer inside a common wardrobe.
An interesting option is to include tissue organizers in the common closets that we already have.

Fabric wardrobe care

Despite its versatility and various advantages, fabric wardrobes must be taken care of so that they last longer, fulfilling their functions to the fullest. To this end, the following recommendations may be considered:

  • Do not exceed the maximum weightthat is, do not keep too large or heavy objects inside.
  • In the case of those with hinges, they must be treated with care, without opening them abruptly.
  • Do not introduce wet or sweaty clothingto avoid bad smells inside the wardrobe.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects, like scissors. In case they do, they better be with a cover.
  • Don’t forget to empty them, move them, air them and wash them frequently to reduce the chances of mold growth.

The good order of the house

Fabric wardrobes, as we have been able to appreciate, can be excellent allies. They help us save expenses, space and even time and energy when looking for something we need.

But we cannot forget it keeping the house in good order depends on our attitude. And we must at all costs avoid disorder, as this is a factor that disturbs the harmony of the house.

Whether we have fabric or wooden wardrobes, the important thing is cleanliness of that, as well as the objects inside. Even if they are protected, they still accumulate dust and unwanted mites can appear.

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