Temperatures will be generally normal for this period or slightly warmer, except for areas in the northeast, according to the four-week forecast released Tuesday by the National Weather Service.

Thermal values ​​will be lower than those specific for this week in the northeastern regions, but also slightly higher in the southwestern ones, and otherwise they will be close to normal.

The rainfall regime will be excessive in most of the country, but especially in the southwestern regions.

Week of 21.11.2022 – 28.11.2022

The average air temperature will have lower than normal values ​​for this interval, in the northeast, but even higher in the western and central regions, and the rest of the thermal values ​​will be generally close to normal.

Precipitation amounts will be excess in the southern and southeastern regions, and will otherwise be generally close to normal for this period.

Week of 28.11.2022 – 05.12.2022

The average temperatures will be slightly higher than normal for this period in the western, northwestern and central regions, and will otherwise be close to the climatological averages of
of the week.

The rainfall regime will be deficient in the central regions and in the mountains, and in the rest it will be close to the normal one for this interval.

Week 05/12/2022 – 12/12/2022

Average thermal values ​​will be slightly above those specific for this week, in the intra-Carpathian regions, and will otherwise be close to normal.

Rainfall amounts will be close to normal for this period, across the country

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