Anticontouring: the make-up trend that favors the naturalness of the face

Clean, hydrated and radiant skin is the goal of anti-contour. It means showing the complexion as it is, without the need to camouflage it under so many pigments. However, this does not mean divorcing makeup, as it accepts the use of light substances and a minimum of color.

This technique does not emphasize faction marking, as proposed by the trick conventional. Here the primacy belongs to the preparation of the face to show the real complexion.

In this way, the “anti-contour” (in its translation) promotes the importance of taking care of delicate skin such as that of the face. Let’s deepen the naturalness that saves the anti-contagion, an absolute novelty in the world of beauty.

What is the “anticontouring” trend?

He anti-contour It works as an alternative trick, because encourages grooming without resorting to too many substances which, in the end, create a filter and don’t show the skin or face as it is originally.

The artistic make-up artist Bobby Brown is the initiator of the trend, considered a rebel to counterbalance the contouring conventional, which uses tanning, concealer and other creams to deepen the features and complete a more elaborate make-up.

Instead, “anti-contouring” defends loose skin. Your licenses are allowed on those special occasions when you want to wear makeup, but yes, preferring creams with color and sunscreen, earthy eyeliner, a subtle concealer and a moisturizing lip balm.

The banner of the method is that the nakedness of the face shines, without meaning a complex. In social networks, just look for the label #anticontour to find dozens of tutorials advising on the subject and teaching that face transparency is beautiful.

Anti-contouring basic kit.

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology stands out the relevance of the skin as an organ of social relations and as a daily business card. Those who suffer from acne, have pimples or want to hide the marks, find a solution in traditional makeup.

But anti-contour increases acceptance even with the imperfections that the complexion may have. The trend modifies routines that lead to the application of numerous cosmetics, for the use of a few products that are easy to handle and have multiple purposes.

What can not be missing in your kit anti-contour? Moisturizers and moisturizers, sunscreens and balms.

If you want a slight pop of color, consider the BB cream OR CC creamthe ink or the shine for the lips. You get that skin cover letter with this short list of cosmetics.

Anti-contour sunscreen.
This technique does not forget about sunscreen. It is an indispensable ingredient for skin care makeup.

How to apply “anticontouring”?

If you have the basic elements to practice “anti-contouring”, what follows is the preparation of the skin, since this is how it assimilates the active ingredients better. Next, let’s see what that entails skin care:

  • Hygiene: In this first phase, the face is cleaned, preferably with a neutral dermatological soap and running water. Scrub your face with your fingertips to remove dirt, oil and any impurities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasize that many diseases can be avoided or controlled if the person respects hygiene, which includes frequent washing of the face.
  • Hydration: moisturize or hydrate the skin with creams that match the characteristics of your skin. Some ingredients recommended in these formulations are vitamins A and C and hyaluronic acid; Homemade moisturizers, which contain almond oil or clay, are among the suggestions.
  • Protection: finish the preparation of the face with sunscreen, because we don’t want the UV rays to ruin the canvas that represents the skin.

With these instructions, the anti-contour I would be ready. But if you want some color, put a few drops BB cream on the face and spread with the fingers.

These balms are lightweight and adjust to your skin tone. Complete the it seems with a brush of highlighter on the lids and cheekbones and with ink or lip gloss. Now yes! You already have “anti-contouring”.

Anti-contour face cream.
Hydration is the intermediate stage of the technique.

What do you gain by pampering your skin with the anti-contouring trend?

He anti-contour it’s kind of makeup without makeupdue to the limited amount of cosmetics. This is a gain for the skin, since how he claims According to the American Academy of Dermatology, by limiting the number of products in your beauty routine, you minimize the risk of skin irritations, as well as the signs of aging, resulting from excessive use of makeup.

And as if that weren’t enough, “anti-contouring” saves the time you spend on makeup every day. You’ll get clean faster and take the opportunity to do other things at home before heading out.

In that same line, the fact of showing the skin of the face as it is, avoids the process of deep make-up removal, which you have to do when you wear layers and layers of foundation, concealer, blush and eye shadow. Would you try this trend that aims at naturalness?

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