UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday denounced the “unacceptable escalation of the war” in Ukraine after the massive bombing launched by Russia in response to the attack on the bridge connecting the Crimea region, but Kiev says Moscow was not ” provoked”.

“This is an unacceptable escalation of the war” in Ukraine. “The Secretary-General of the United Nations is deeply shocked by these attacks, which are a new unacceptable escalation that has the greatest cost to civilians,” said Antonio Guterres’ spokesman.

Earlier, Dmitro Kuleba, the foreign minister in Kiev, rejected suggestions that Ukraine had “provoked” Russia by attacking the bridge to Crimea.

Antonio Guterres denounces the escalation of the war

“No, Putin was not provoked by the Crimean Bridge case to unleash the terror of missiles. Russia constantly attacked Ukraine with missiles even before the incident on the bridge. Putin is desperate because of the defeats on the battlefield and is using the missiles to change the course of the war in his favor”, claimed Dmitro Kuleba, according to the daily Le Monde.

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