After a 2-year break caused by the pandemic, Asia has reopened its doors to tourists. The most requested holiday destinations by Romanians are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea.

According to DAL Travel consultants, the most sought-after destinations in the Far East this year are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia – Bali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and India.

In 2019, on most destinations in the Far East, there were increases in the number of Romanian tourists between 25 and 50% depending on the country, compared to 2018, but in the pandemic year 2020, the countries of South East Asia and Australia adopted among the most great restrictions, practically closing to tourism.

What are the most accessible destinations?

“With the reopening of tourism in the countries of the Far East and in Australia, we began to receive numerous requests for circuits and also for individual stays in these areas. Compared to the previous year, for these destinations, the tariff increases are between 20 and 25%. It is possible that next year the number of tourists for these destinations will also reach the level of 2019. Since last year, since Romanian tourists started traveling again, with the partial lifting of restrictions, they have shown their interest and for these Asian destinations, the moment when these countries will reopen, because we all know that during the two years of the pandemic, the countries of the Far East had the most restrictions and for the longest period of time”, said Daniela Nedelcu, general director of the agency.

However, some of the countries of the Far East, such as Thailand, still require a vaccination certificate or a PCR test upon entering the country, to avoid the 5-day quarantine, writes Mediafax.

The top of the circuits in the Far East and Australia is led by Vietnam and South Korea, followed by Indonesia, South India – Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania and the circuit that has become classic: Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore.

The most affordable tourist packages are for Indonesia – Bali from 1950 euros, and at the opposite pole Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania from 7340 euros.

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