Azoospermia: when the sperm lacks sperm

In some cases, Azoospermia can be the reason why a couple fails to get pregnant naturally shaped. Generally you try over and over again and, although you know that the woman is in perfect health, what you want so much does not come true. It is then time to consider a visit to the doctor.

Azoospermia is the absence of sperm in the semen. A disorder that can affect men, without having the slightest idea. Only when certain tests are performed can the doctor make the diagnosis and thus let the patient know about the problem.

It should be clarified that diagnose this disease only when the sperm count is zero. There are other cases where the count gives a lower number than necessary for good quality, but then we are talking about another condition and not azoospermia as such.

What are the symptoms?

  • Erection problems. The irregularities in their sexual functioning are caused by the alteration of hormones.
  • Color change in semen. The absence of sperm can cause changes in the appearance of the ejaculatory fluid. It’s also likely to be thinner than usual.

The truth is that these symptoms rarely appear, therefore It is impossible to make a diagnosis without first performing a seminogram or spermiogram. Most men are not used to doing this type of study; however it is necessary, especially for those who want to be parents.

Types of azoospermia

1. Secretary

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men

It is the absence of sperm due to lack of production in the testicles. It is also called “excretory” or “non-obstructive”. It is the most severe and most common of the azoospermias suffered by patients.

It can be congenital or acquired. The best known causes of secretory azoospermia are:

  • Problems in pregnancy. Some alterations in the testicular development of the fetus cause this malformation.
  • Hormonal problems. They are imbalances in the hormones that regulate spermatogenesis.
  • Testicular problems. Accidents, such as burns or blows, that cause testicular injuries.
  • Illnesses. They affect the production of the testicles, among the best known meningitis, parotitis, varicocele.

2. Obstructive

There is sperm production, but it’s stuck somewhere I droveTOso he can’t go out in ejaculation. It is less serious for those who wish to become parents. The most common causes are:

  • Consequences of surgery. There may be a blockage or cut in the urethra and another area of ​​the seminal canal.
  • vasectomy. When an operation with a contraceptive purpose is performed by its own decision.
  • Other diseases. As in the secretory, the same diseases can affect the circulation of sperm.
  • cyst The presence at any point of the urethra, prostate or testicles generates a limitation to the passage of sperm.

Is there a treatment for azoospermia?

For each type of azoospermia there is a treatment, therefore you must follow the doctor’s advice and not despair. The first step will be to determine the causes and then the appropriate process to reverse the situation will be indicated.

1. Hormonal treatment

It is about acquiring hormones from the outside to activate the process of spermatogenesis. AS, it is possible to recover the production and adequate circulation of sperm in the ejaculate male.

2. Surgery

it’s done an operation to remove the blockage in the seminal duct. After this, the sperm cells can circulate freely again, with which they can reach their destination after ejaculation.

If he has azoospermia, can’t they have children?

In the absence of sperm, It is not possible to get pregnant naturally. Now it is possible to reverse the situation with some treatments. However, there are other alternatives to extract the seed, in case there is still production.

1. Fertilization in vitro

HE extract sperm through a testicle biopsy or a testicular aspiration, where they are produced and injected into the expectant mother. This technique is widely used and is currently successful for having biological children.

2. Sperm donation

It is probable get pregnant using sperm banks. Thus, pregnancy is achieved and they can share the entire development process of the child.


Azoospermia can be one of the reasons why a couple does not achieve pregnancy. Although it is a difficulty, it must be kept in mind that it is possible to treat and reverse it with some treatments. All is not lost!

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