Board games that cannot be missing in your home

Board games are activities that allow us to spend time more pleasantly. Moreover, its practice tests many of our mental capacities. At the same time, it’s the perfect opportunity to share with family.

There is no age limit to enjoy them. Also, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject. In fact, you only need to spend some time with them to find out how interesting they can be.

Here because, It is advisable to have one or more board games at home, as they are perfect for those times when you just want to spend some quality time together.

Now, what types of board games are there? Why are they said to have benefits? Although we know that today there are dozens of proposals, Today we rounded up those classic board games that everyone should have at home.

advantages of board games

Before we look at some of the funniest board games, let’s recall why they are so highly recommended. Indeed, although its main objective is to distract and amuse the players, They also have other benefits.

Some of the most important are:

  • They awaken ingenuity.
  • Also, they teach patience.
  • On the other hand, they improve communication.
  • Likewise, they increase the capacity for analysis.
  • They also enhance and encourage cooperation.
  • They also stimulate learning and memory.
  • They are also used to learn to tolerate frustration.
  • They remember the importance of teamwork.
  • Also, they help strengthen the relationship between adults and children.
  • Mental abilities and the ability to make decisions also improve.
  • On the other hand, they help generate respect for the rules, especially in the case of younger children.

Board games you should have at home

Due to their characteristics, board games have always been considered a pedagogical material. They are ideal for developing children’s skills or, “exercise” the memory of all the members of the house.

1. Chess

Play chess

He chess it is considered a sport and also a board game. Indeed, it is an activity that tests mental abilities to overthrow the opposing king. Its origin dates back to the 15th century in Europe, apparently as an evolution of the Persian game known as Shatranj.

2. Letters

THE Games of cards or playing cards are quite popular. They can be played in pairs or with multiple family members. Some of its varieties are the mus, the uno, tute, brisca, poker, basketball or solitaire.

3. Monopoly

This is the popular board game of goods and trade transactions. even if there is Games similar, this is perhaps the best known worldwide. The object of the game is to create a monopolyacquiring as many properties as possible.

On the other hand, it not only requires the development of a good game strategy, but also it motivates to make the maximum effort and to evaluate the various actions and their respective consequences.

4. Dominoes


Dominoes can be played between several people. It is a board game where rectangular tiles divided into two squares are used. In turn, each square is marked from zero to six points.

On the other hand, this game can be played in pairs or individually, free-for-all.

5. Puzzles

LPuzzles, also known as puzzleThey are games of concentration and memory. They consist in assembling figures by suitably combining each of the parts divided into tiles.

6. Ladies

It is not known exactly what the origin of this interesting game is. On the one hand, some suggest that it arose in ancient Egypt. In any case, it remains valid for family entertainment.

The game consists of moving a series of pieces arranged on a chessboard similar to that used in chess with the intention of capturing the opponent’s pieces.

7. Genga


Jenga is one of the board games that attracts the most attention. In this, the participants have to test their physical and mental abilities, since They have to remove blocks from a tower without knocking it down. Can you win?

8. Beetle

This board game is recommended for school-going children. Indeed, its practice fosters vocabulary and the ability to add mentally the number of letters in each word.

Among other things, it helps to think more carefully and to devise strategies. It’s a group game that also improves social skills.

9. Scale

Ladder is a classic game to enjoy with friends or family. It consists of a board full of stations, between which there are ladders and snakes.. Chips and a dice are used to play.

What other board games do you know? Don’t hesitate to share your experience.

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