Bring out your dormant skills

Do you think nothing suits you? That you have no talent? This is not true. We all have something that distinguishes us, that we like, that we can work with while having fun. However, those dormant abilities need to be awakened.

Surely you remember something you were very good at as a child. Maybe draw, build things or play soccer. However, now that you’re an adult and got a “normal” job, you don’t think you have any talent.

The talents that suppressed us in childhood

soccer girl

When we ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up Say things like an astronaut, a vet, a soccer player, or a teacher, among many other career options. However, few are those who conform to these expectations that has.

The problem arises when adults treat it like a “dream”. However, they are not professions that do not exist. They are not unreal! However, the lack of trust adults have in children, their own beliefs and the limitations they place on their own abilities lead them to repress those of the little ones.

Why don’t we believe that a kid who likes to paint can become famous for his works? Why is it hard for us to believe that if you like playing football you can make a living from your passion?

With our limitations, which we have already inherited from our parents, sleep skills begin to emerge as children grow. So, there comes a time when these are forgotten, while the underestimationHe “I have no talent” and the “a job is a job”.

In this way, children become adults who dislike their occupations and who deny their abilities. Those dormant abilities that have been in that state for so long they don’t even know they’re still there.

Awaken sleeping abilities

The fact that we have become adults does not imply that our dormant abilities will remain so forever. However, standing still is not an optionso we need to act for this to change.

1. Read

Awaken sleeping abilities

Reading opens up a world of infinite possibilities.. It enhances our creativity and can make us remember what we were good at and now we’re not.

Let’s imagine reading a book with a poem inside and we think: “Oh! When I was little I wrote a lot”. Reading can make you recover that illusion and return to remember what you did when you were much younger. Now, be careful not to say “I don’t have time for Light“. Because what you don’t have is desire…

2. Take your time

Sometimes work and family take away a lot of time from doing what we like and this can lead to dormant skills. If you liked to paint as a child and It’s something you still want to do, but you give yourself the excuse of timeEnough!

Do you have 5 minutes? Whatyou lost half an hour to watch TV because you are very tired from work? Instead of doing that, try spending that time painting. You will feel better, you will improve that ability and it will start to awaken.

3. Work out

Reading group

One way to deal with dormant skills is to sign up for a training course or a group of people who meet to put them into practice. As a reading group if you like to read.

  • Everything is valid, the important thing is that you step out of your comfort zone and that ability comes to light.

You will enjoy the experience a lot and make those dormant skills awaken after so long. Moreover, interacting with other people with the same talent will motivate you more and more.

There’s something inside you that you know you want to do, only you can call it “stupid” or think that “it’s a waste of time”. However, what beliefs are acting to make you think this? Why not try to consider this answer later?

We tend to find many excuses not to do what we want because of that repression that was generated when we were still very young and believed that anything was possible. And it’s true. Everything is possible. We are the ones who limit ourselves…

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