Bullying in the family: how to recognize and manage it

When we talk about bullying I always think of a young man being bullied by his schoolmates; Let’s even think of a person who at work suffers this type of malicious actions from the boss or colleagues. But what about the bullying within the family? It exists and in this article we will give a voice to it.

Harassment isn’t just school or work; sometimes it is even familiar. A Brother who has very harmful attitudes or a father-in-law who is making life impossible for a couple.

We believe bullying situations only happen outside the home, but sometimes it’s convenient to look inside the home first. There may be stalkers.

How is bullying in the family?

He bullying within the family it is not very different from what one can undergo in another type of environment and circumstance. One or more people, with whom you have family ties, manipulate, intimidate and humiliate for no apparent reason.

Underestimation and criticism are often present, so the person (young or adult) spends a lot of time away from home to get away from that toxic environment.

THE American Osteopathic Association conducted a survey on bullying which revealed very interesting data. For example, up to 31% of adult respondents experienced this bullying. Which suggests that it is a form of abuse that is not talked about too much, but which is quite frequent.

Daughter suffering from bullying within her family.
A mother who underestimates and criticizes, a brother who blackmails and manipulates… all this can cause depression and anguish in another family member.

How to recognize bullying within the family?

Sometimes recognize the bullying it’s not easy in the family. First, because it is very difficult to admit that a mother, father or brother could be a potential abuser. Secondly, because forms of harassment are so sneaky as to be disguised through irony and jokes.

However, this list can serve as a guide to identifying alert circumstances:

  • Stress starts when you think about going home. This is a clear symptom that something is wrong with the house. It is important to analyze the situation.
  • There is a lack of confidence in one’s abilities.. Because of criticism, invalid feelings and other feelings for the may arise bullying within the family. It’s convenient to suspect if there isn’t someone toxic who is fostering these thoughts.
  • Anxiety arises frequently. Even panic attacks. Sometimes bullying is so subtle that it can be overlooked. Even though the mind and body cannot be fooled, anxiety surfaces.

When someone within the family tends to blame another, constantly criticize them, emotionally blackmail them, among other sets of attitudes, it is convenient to be suspicious. We tend to idealize the family, to believe that all its members are kind. However, bad people can also be found in the household.

Ways to handle family bullying

manage the bullying it’s not easy in the family. Sometimes it’s not so easy to be independent. However, there are some strategies that can work and strengthen the personality of people being harassed.

Set limits

start saying “NO”Being assertive and setting boundaries is one of the most effective strategies for getting a bully to walk away. When you are no longer manipulable, they have nothing to do there.

However, this is not easy to accomplish without the support of a professional. Going to a psychologist to start setting limits is essential to get it right.

Keep calm

Not reacting to a bully’s name-calling or criticism is best. Those who practice meditation have a great ability to remain calm.

So when a relative says “You got 4 more, if you were born dumb”you can breathe and even respond “It’s just a note, I’ll keep trying and trying again, I have nothing to lose”.

Technique for keeping calm in the face of family bullying.
Learning to stay calm and cultivating peace of mind makes us more assertive when it comes to dealing with family abuse.

Get away if possible

If there are any chances to stop living with stalkers, great. However, this isn’t always feasible.

It’s not about running away from the problem, it’s about ceasing to be vigilant and to hate those homecomings, for what is known to happen. Ultimately, it can be difficult to manage anticipatory anxiety.

seek help

He bullying within the family it is possible to manage, but for that you have to go to an expert in this kind of situation. We will not deny it. These are sad and frustrating circumstances, but they can be overcome. You never have to throw in the towel.

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