Casa Breslelor, one of the oldest buildings in Bucharest, has been put up for sale. The 508 square meter neo-Gothic building is the work of the architect Luigi Ludovic Lipizer, who arrived in Bucharest from the Austrian Empire in the middle of the century. XIX

“Lipizer is the designer and beneficiary of the house built between 1859-1862 (this makes it one of the oldest known architects’ houses, along with Casa Burelly-Mincu). The architect also signed a number of prestigious buildings such as the Librecht-Filipescu House, the current University House and the Bosianu House, currently the Astronomical Observatory in Carol Park.

Lipizer embraces the neo-Gothic style, expressed in Europe in the 18th-19th centuries, and this option makes the building look like a commercial hall from the Middle Ages and is known today as the House of Guilds – it is believed that the statues placed on the columns with capitals and protected by elaborately decorated canopies represent various professions.

A unique architectural style in the Bucharest landscape

The windows have window frames with broken cornices and columns; under the windows are squares with Gothic decoration. The profiled cornices also have a practical function because they hide the rainwater collection system.

Ogives, rosettes, baguettes and octagonal sections of the plinth, the statuettes, the suggestion of a tower and the crenellated roof outline the medieval atmosphere of the neo-Gothic and the uniqueness of this style in the Bucharest landscape. Inside, the hierarchization of the rooms by height is highlighted”, says the description published on the website Sotheby’s International Romania.

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