Casa Vernescu was built in the eclectic style, being one of the most beautiful buildings in the Capital of the first quarter of the 19th century. Initially, it belonged to the nobleman Filip Lenș, an advocate of justice who held various positions in the administration of Wallachia.

Lenș gave the house to his wife, Elisabeta Balotescu-Carpinisanu, and a year later, in 1822, there was a fire that required the restoration of the house. Inside the Vernescu House hall, the owner made some inlays quite close to the ceiling, on which he wrote the names of Seneca, Pascal or Shakespeare.

In the same year, Casa Vernescu caught fire again, and the owners began to be strict about preserving this building.

After the death of the Lenș boyar, a military unit was installed in this place, then the Ministry of War. In 1886, the building became the property of a politician of that time, Guță Vernescu. At his request, the architect Ion Mincu did a restoration, and the painter George Demetrescu Mirea decorated the interiors.

The paintings, but also the neoclassical style, the high stained glass windows and the imposing mirrors have transformed Casa Vernescu, for a long time, into one of the most attractive buildings. It is said that here were organized the most famous balls and social evenings attended by Bucharest’s protipendada.

The building was built with one floor, and in its center it has a large hall that is adorned with a monumental piece. The staircase attracts attention from the moment you enter the hall, thanks to its special architecture.

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