On Monday, October 3, 2022, a press conference was held at the Pediatric Hospital in Ploiești for the launch of a charity project attended by Anca Miu, director of the hospital, Dan Constantin Aldea, executive director of Maristar – MRS Residence and Codin Maticiuc, president of the Foundation Metropolis.

“Until a new municipal hospital is built, we need a new room to receive children and parents. The current emergency reception unit cannot cope with the large influx of patients, which reached over 40,000 people annually”, said the manager of the Pediatric Hospital, Anca Miu.

She stated that the amount needed to expand and modernize the UPU was assessed in 2019 at 100,000 euros, but due to the increase in the prices of construction materials and services, the investment would be at least 50% higher than before the pandemic.

“We owe it to get involved in the community”

“We owe it to get involved in the community and that’s why we chose this project, together with Codin Maticiuc’s Metropolis Foundation, which runs similar projects in several cities in the country. We will do everything that depends on us so that the children’s hospital has a modern emergency reception unit” said Dan Constantin Aldea, executive director of Maristar – MRS Residence. He specified that the company he represents will not participate in the selection of offers for the designation of the builder who will make the investment.

“(When) I found out that a company from Ploiești was willing to do this project, I immediately agreed to double the amount collected from my foundation’s accounts. We intend to organize a super-concert in Ploiesti, with artists who are already ambassadors of our project for the modernization of state hospitals with private funds. We still haven’t finalized the list of those who will go on stage, but I can tell you that many artists have expressed their desire to sing for free, in Ploiești, for the children’s hospital”, said Codin Maticiuc, for his part.

The #spitalepublicedinbaniprivati ​​initiative, present at several hospitals in Romania

Metropolis Foundation, prin the initiative #spitalepublicedinbaniprivati it is already present at several hospitals in Romania, both through renovation actions and equipment/equipment of state hospitals. For example, only at the Fundeni Hospital, the amount invested is close to 1 million euros, after the renovation of the Pediatric Hematology and Pediatric Nephrology departments, and the Surgery department will also start.

The organizers promised that, as soon as possible, they will announce the date of the concert, the venue, and the price of the tickets.

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