Check out these 12 types of hairspray and how to use them

Making hair perfect is the mission of spray For the hair. These cosmetics stand out among the basics that cannot be missing in the toiletry. Spraying some of these substances is beneficial so that the hairstyle looks more elegant and lasts longer.

The choice of fixatives depends on the objective, but above all on the type of hair. They will be a useful tool as long as you have the right one and know how to apply it. Read on to find out which of these products is right for you.

What is a hairspray and what are its benefits?

A spray for hair, hair spray or hairspray It is a mixture of substances that help fix the hairstyle. You spray it, and as it dries, you connect areas or films between the fibers to hold the strands in place and protect them from wind and moisture.

Among other functions, these styling tools add volume, hydrate and control the hair. frizzy. You find sprays for a consistent and complete look, but with more chemicals. There are also non-aerosols, with a water content higher than that of alcohol.

Over time, the formulas of these products have paved the way for more natural ingredients, eliminating the possibility of drying out the hair fiber. The manufacturing involves the use of molecules or polymers in long chainsthat support the hair structure.

When used correctly, hairspray offers the following benefits:

  • Volume control.
  • Complete the extension.
  • Shine, softness and elasticity.
  • Evasion of continuous retouching.
  • Prevention or reduction of frizz.

Types of “sprays” for hair

While there are many types of hairspray, the way to use them tends to be the same. The first thing is to shake the bottle for a few seconds before pressing the atomizer.

When you step on the valve, hold the bottle upright and 25-30 centimeters away from your head. Otherwise, the mane is very wet.

What follows is the hairstyle. A second batch is acceptable if you want more waiting. For layered hairstyles, spray “working spray” while creating the design.

Everything is fine spray Its purpose is to adapt to the needs of the hair. There is hairspray for heat protection when drying or ironing and texturizing or spray gel, for example.

With the help of the stylist you determine the right fixer for you. In response to this aim, we present other varieties of the product.

Non-aerosol sprays.
There are options that are not totally aerosol. They have a different application, as you have to get close to the hair with the product.

1. Basic

He spray Regular use has no special characteristics other than those relevant to fixing and moisturizing. It’s the blend you apply to every occasion and it works for all hair types.

2. Medium hold

The particularities of this hairspray are the hold, volume, movement and control of the bounce. The medium hold was designed for subtle styles such as ponytails or smooth backs. The composition resists moisture, dries quickly and does not contribute to stiffness.

3. Modeler

This spray it is similar to the work one, with the difference that the latter is used while combing, while The styler can be used during and after styling.

Drying is slow, so as it happens, carry on with the styling. The shapers offer freedom of movement, natural bounce and a glossy finish.

4. To give volume

They are also known as thickeners. It’s a similar hairspray to normal hair, with the addition of more thickness and volume. The technique consists of covering with strands, so that the hair acquires the illusion of extra body and texture.

The correct application is from the roots. Another trick is to spray from the origin, but with the hair upside down, so that when it returns to normal pose it shows the effect.

5. anti-frizz

A magazine publication Perception comment that high temperature and humidity lead to frizzier, wilder hair. The article argues that changes in humidity disproportionately affect the frizzy.

The repairmen anti-frizz they collaborate so that the static or the wind do not do their duty. These are ultra-flexible formulas that guarantee a it seems cool, whatever the weather.

6. Curling iron

Curl lacquers are ideal if the waves are natural or if you want to style them. THE spray without alcohol they provide the characteristic flexibility of frizz, appear movement and not stiffness.

In case of natural curls, the recommendation is to spray with damp hair and let it dry in the open air. This way you get more definition. prefer the spray of flexible fixing made with water base.

7. Freezing

This is the star of fixatives, because is formulated to provide increased durability. In general, the resistance of these products lasts up to 24 hours, without weighing down the hair.

8. Professional finish

It is the aerosols that go to the end of the hairstyle. Its composition is dense; they make them to preserve style all day long.

Although the fixation is strong, it does not prevent brushing. The variety of this class of cosmetics includes glossy lacquers and lacquers with a matte finish.

9. Hair straightener

THE spray for straight hair They are prepared to soften the cuticle and save hair from dullness. It is common for them to blend proteins, such as keratin, and natural elements, such as aloe vera.

In addition to vitality, they make manes look docile. You apply it and comb it as usual.

10. Fall arrester

According to the Clinic of the University of Navarra (CUN), the hair loss It can be congenital or acquired. In some cases, it is fixable.

A fall arrest device is made with panthenol and with polysaccharides, which strengthen the hair follicle and prevent hair loss. You can include them in your care routine.

11. Against opacity

A text published by the magazine Professional coiffure highlights That the shine of the hair is a consequence of the reflection of light on the cuticle and that the opacity varies depending on how open or closed it is. In turn, he claims that dull looking hair results from damaged cuticles.

With the spray For dull hair offer maximum shine, as it contains oils that enhance the shine. For example, coconut.

12. For brittle hair

Fixatives for hair with a tendency to break contain nourishing and moisturizing agentswith the aim of reinforcing the strands and preventing them from breaking.

Recommendations when applying “spray” for hair

Looking for the best effect when applying to spray, it is necessary to check that, by pressing the atomizer, there are no obstructions in the mouthpiece. In this case, disassemble the tool in order to clean the valve with hot water.

favors the it seems if you run your fingers through your hair while spraying the product, since you guarantee that it covers all areas. In difficult or small areas you can comb with a toothbrush.

Also, it’s important to keep the distance between the jar and the head. In this way the substance is dispersed instead of accumulating.

Wavy hairspray.
The distance between the container and the recipient hair is crucial. This determines the good distribution of the substance.

How to choose the best hair “spray”?

He spray indicated is the one that solves the needs of the hair. When selecting it, consider the factor of flexibility, so that the hair moves without weighing it down. Now, if what you want is to repair, those for freezing or those with a professional finish are preferable.

Likewise, take into account the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC/LVOC), what gases are emitted by the product and which can have harmful effects on health, such as points the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Finally, it is recommended to give the spray whose ingredients are natural. Check the labels and consult with styling specialists on the elements that will most benefit your hair.

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