Chester sofa: why include it in the decor?

Despite their centuries of history behind them, The chester sofa is still, still today, one of the most used pieces of furniture. It is considered a classic. Thanks to its elegance, it is able to become the center of decoration.

He chesterfield It is usually the one chosen by many people when buying a sofa for the living room or other spaces, for a great variety of reasons. We will get to know them in detail.

Chester sofa: origin and characteristics

The chester sofa is considered a classic within the furniture store. It is said to be of English origin and that its creation is due to a commission from the Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773).

This nobleman specified to the cabinetmaker that the piece of furniture had to force the person to sit in a correct posture. However, there is no reliable source for this or any other version.

Others locate its origin in the 19th century.

What is clear is that the same it began to be used in the halls of men’s social clubs in London in the Victorian era. It soon became an essential element in the homes of English high society.

From there it spread to the former colonies of the British Empire and then to the rest of the world. In a investigationits use is cited as a characteristic element of interior decoration between 1870 and 1890, both in Europe and in the United States.

As regards the characteristics of the Chester sofa, the following are highlighted:

  • It can be two or three seater.
  • They are armrests and backrest at the same height.
  • The back is studded with buttons (at first they were gold).
  • He understood: consists in marking the fabric and the padding, placing the lining in the shape of a diamond.
  • Depending on the length, it has four to six legs, made of turned wood or sometimes metal.
  • It originally had leather upholstery.but today they can be found in velvet and in a wide variety of fabrics.

Why a chester sofa for decoration?

Chester is one of the best known furniture, to the point that when the word is mentioned Sofait is almost inevitable to evoke its design. Now we will see why this preference and what are the advantages of using it in decoration.

Classic style Chester sofa.
This sofa is an essential element when looking for sophistication and bringing class to the rooms.

1. It’s a classic

with the term classic refers to what creates a class or is worthy of imitation. In a sense, this happens with the chester sofa. In fact, some other models have also been derived from it.

2. It never goes out of style

Another meaning of classic it has to do with what does not go out of style, but is always in force. Is it timeless or does it belong to different eras?beyond his. It happens with some pieces of music, with literary works, as well as with furniture.

3. It is the archetype of the sofa

Designer Jasper Morrison, in his book Everything but the wallspoints out that the chester It is like the symbol of all sofas and comfort Inside the house.

4. Your identity

If anything can be said about the chester sofa, it’s that its design is unmistakable. The continuous line from one armrest to the other, as well as the buttoned backrest, are the sign of this.

5. Give character to the decoration

In the same order of ideas, when this piece of furniture is placed in a room, it gives personality to your spaceeven making the other elements appear subject to its influence.

6. Sober and elegant

There is no doubt about this. It is a sober and elegant piece of furniturethat stands out to the eye, without the need to be flashy or have excesses of superfluous decorations.

7. Provides a touch of distinction

For the aforementioned reasons, its distinct appearance makes the space imbued with majestyas if it were the room of an aristocratic residence.

8. It’s functional

But the Chester sofa is not just a decoration. It fully performs the function for which it was designed; that is, be a piece of furniture where a person can sit for a certain time.

according to research conducted at a Bulgarian universityanalyzing the model of different pieces of furniture (including the chester), it is verified that the design remained in its basic form, precisely because of its functionality.

9. Fits other styles

Despite having a very marked personality, it can also work with other styles or trends inside decoration Covers from Vintage minimalism too.

10. Perfect for the living room

In the room the central element is usually the sofa. And what’s better than a chesterfield with its own personality, around which the other elements are arranged. It would even let you match the color of the walls.

11. Works in different environments

There are many optimal spaces for this sofa. Both at home and in the office. It can be placed in the home library, waiting areas, inside shops and shopping centers.

12. Various size options

Although the three-seater is a large piece of furniture (2.10 meters), if we have little space You can choose one of two locationswhich is 1.66 meters.

There is also an armchair measuring just 90cm with style.

13. It’s durable

If well cared for and stored, a piece of furniture chesterfield it can last many years. And the best part is that, the older, the more valuable; it takes on an air of antiquity that goes well with your style.

14. Design Updates

Without abandoning the original essence of the classic chester sofa, Updates have been introduced in the design, both in the coating and in the shape. In this regard, the following variants are noted:

  • The thickness of the armrests has been reduced or lightened.
  • Incorporation of stain-resistant and hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • They are no longer only available in the classic leather color, but in beigewhite, purple, red and also with pieces of different colors, such as a collage.
  • For those who love the aristocratic style, there’s a chester realwhich maintains the buttons and rhombuses, but with more ornate legs.
Red chester sofa.
Advances in textile technology have allowed chester to be marketed in different shades.

What to consider when buying a “Chesterfield”?

When looking for a Chesterfield sofa for your home or office, you need to consider factors related to both decor and space. Even with whom they will use it. We see:

  • Its price can vary: It costs more when it’s in leather and not so much when it’s in fabric or imitation leather.
  • If it’s for a space that’s going to be used by a lot of people (like an office), leather would be best.
  • Sober or neutral colors are recommended for clubs, offices or companies: black and brown.
  • However, for some people, the upright position that needs to be maintained can be uncomfortable.

Taking care of your Chester sofa

If you want to enjoy your chesterfield sofa for longer, there are some precautions you should take into consideration. Take note of the following:

  • For wooden parts, such as the legs, you can use a not too strong polish.
  • The same goes for leather or fabric, when you decide to dust your furniture.
  • Take precautions when moving it: You could not only damage the sofa, but also your back, as it is a heavy element.
  • You must consider that chester sofas have been designed for adults. Therefore, they are not totally kid-proof.
  • You should also be careful around pets, especially cat scratches on furniture.
  • Finally, if you will be away from home for a while or not use it for a while, you can put a protective cover or lining.

An icon of culture

The Chesterfield sofa may be one of the most famous pieces of furniture in the world, along with Louis XV dining rooms and desks and consoles. Chippendale. It is common to see it in magazines, movies and TV series (for example, in friends).

It is said that even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, had one for sessions with his patients. However, it’s not an impossible luxury. And it’s worth investing in an armchair of this class to enjoy a good read or a movie at home.

Of course, remember that from time to time you have to get up from your chair and move your body a little. A sedentary lifestyle is also not very good, even if you are sitting in a chesterfield.

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