Chinese researchers have created a map of the Moon’s surface that is more detailed than any that has been made so far.

Published in the magazine Science Bulletinresearchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s Institute of Geochemistry and other organizations have compiled known information about the Moon’s surface in a recent study that includes this highly detailed map of the lunar terrain.

As the study also reveals, the scale of the map is extremely precise – 1:2,250,000 and highlights all the known rocks, craters, basins and structures that are on the surface of the Moon, indicates Futurism.

The most detailed map of the Moon

While this is far from the first lunar map, the researchers behind it say it’s the most detailed yet.

To get there, they sifted through lunar geology data from most of the past century to achieve the map’s stunning scale, featuring a total of 90 different types of structures highlighted on its color-coded key.

Amazing details observed by researchers

As the researchers note, there are partial maps of the lunar surface that are twice its scale — for example, those that are 1:5,000,000 — but this map is the first to date to record the entire surface of the moon at such a level.

Even as the US, China and Russia are engaged in a three-way space race amid political tensions, this map – which was constructed using lunar surface data from all three countries, as well as others – serves as evidence of unification and the power of science.

This is the amazing level reached with the monthly studies. The lunar map made by Chinese researchers can be accessed HERE!

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