“Chips” of carrots and other vegetables in the air fryer

In the air fryer you can prepare delicious ones french fries carrots and other vegetables perfect for a snack, as they provide high-quality vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, they are low in calories, managing to increase the feeling of satiety without damaging the energy balance of the regimen. We will teach you how to get a perfect result.

Before we start, it needs to be mentioned several healthy snacks can be eaten throughout the day without this resulting in an increase in body weight. Now, these products will have to be chosen correctly, since those of industrial origin usually contain elements that can negatively affect the body in the medium term.

Air Fryer Carrot Chips

Carrots with beta carotene.
With just a few ingredients you will get a snack healthy for you and your family.


If you want to make great carrot chips in an air fryer, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • carrots
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt

Step by step

  1. Start by washing the carrots very well and then remove the two ends with a knife.
  2. Then cut into very thin slices.. You can use a mandolin for this, being a gadget that will greatly facilitate the work.
  3. The next step is to place the carrot slices in a bowl and soak them in the two tablespoons of oil, mixing well.
  4. To continue, place the vegetable in the air fryer basket, setting it at 165 degrees for 20 minutes. It is important to open the basket every 5 minutes to move them energetically. Thus, it will ensure that they are all done correctly. Also, from the 15th minute you will have to be more careful to prevent them from burning.
  5. After the time, remove the carrots, add some salt and you can eat them.

THE french fries of carrot will present a wonderful crunchy touch. They could even be booked for later, as they hold up well over the course of the hours. Of course, it is recommended to keep them in a covered bowl for this.

Keep in mind that this recipe could also be made with other vegetables. The tubers are particularly suitable, because they are very crunchy and tasty. Both potato and sweet potato or cassava will be good alternatives. In any case, a larger amount of carbohydrates would be provided in this case.

benefits of carrots

We cannot dismiss the recipe without commenting on the main benefits deriving from the inclusion of carrots as part of a varied and balanced diet. We are talking about a type of vegetable that provides a high amount of vitamin C. This nutrient manages, among other things, to increase the efficiency of the immune system. This is evidenced by A study published in Nutrients.

Carrots with beta carotene.
Carrots provide antioxidants that could prevent the development of chronic diseases in the medium term.

On the other hand, we must highlight the antioxidant content of carrots. These elements neutralize the formation of free radicals and their subsequent accumulation in the body’s tissues. This effect has been related to a lower risk of developing chronic and complex conditions, according to a research published in the journal European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Finally, particular emphasis should be placed on the presence of fibers in these vegetables, reducing the problem of constipation, as commented by a study published in Nature reviews.

Air fryer carrot chips at home

As you saw, it’s really easy to make carrot or root vegetable chips in the air fryer, get a snack healthy to nibble between meals with no regrets.

Remember that the inclusion of vegetables in the diet is recommended by most nutrition experts, as they are high quality edibles with many micronutrients in them.

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