Combat the symptoms of sepsis with medicinal plants?

The symptoms of sepsis do not go unnoticed given their seriousness. Therefore, it is essential to know them and, in case of experiencing them, See a doctor as soon as possible for proper treatment.

As indicated by the experts of Intermontane health, sepsis is an intense reaction of the body to an infection. This causes inflammation and blood clotting; This reduces blood flow to the extremities and vital organs.

That means, as it progresses, it becomes more severe. Hence the importance of having medical care. Therefore, if you want to know more, we present below the most relevant aspects of interest on this health issue.

What causes sepsis?

As we told you, sepsis is a serious infection that It first affects a specific part of the body. But then it spreads to the rest.

It can also be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi. A common example of this would be a tooth abscess (a collection of pus caused by a bacterial infection).

According to the experts of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine the cause can be detected by a blood test. However, depending on the symptoms that the patient presents, the doctor may consider the analysis of other body fluids (urine, sputum, etc.).

Microorganisms in the blood
Early detection of sepsis improves survival, but sometimes this is not possible.

While it is true that anyone can suffer from sepsis, there are certain groups that are at higher risk. For example: infants, children, the elderly, people who have suffered severe burns, patients with weakened immune systems, and people with chronic diseases (diabetes, liver disease, cancer).

In order for the symptoms of sepsis to subside and the patient’s life ceases to be in danger, medical attention is essential. And, in turn, in the recovery process It will be extremely important to follow each of the specialist’s indications.

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