Compulsive shoppers, what do you want to escape?

Compulsive shoppers are people who rush to buy things, many of them useless, regardless of whether or not they will use them.

In this way they accumulate things in the house which they then leave abandoned Satisfaction comes from the moment of purchasenot of what will be done later with what has been acquired.

Compulsive shoppers tend to be viewed as immature and poor money managers. However, the truth is that, under this act, we often see with evil eyes that there may be someone who is in great pain.

The hidden suffering of compulsive shoppers

Compulsive shoppers often have problems that they try to solve by spending money

Compulsive shoppers go shopping to distract themselves. To fill their life, in which they feel there is a terrible emptiness, or to escape from a situation in which they feel trapped.

It is an act that they perform compulsively, without thinking too much and causing sensations guilt that will come in the aftermath.

Compulsive shoppers know that shopping like this gets them nowhere. Many are even aware that it is happening to them. something when they see a lot of useless things around them and little money in their pocket.

Sometimes this will be a phase that will pass and be forgotten. Other times, however, we will end up with a situation that lasts over time and that masks suffering for which there is no solution.

What should compulsive shoppers do? If they can’t or won’t get professional help, they have to dive in.

Find out what led them to adopt this attitude and fix it. The big problem is that see what stings hurt and a lot.

That’s why they always try run away of this, in this case, through purchases.

Who are compulsive shoppers?

You may be wondering if you have ever been a compulsive shopper or if anyone close to you has suffered from this impulsive disorder.

Here are some traits that characterize people who can be considered compulsive shoppers.

1. They buy what they will never use

compulsive shoppers they tend to buy a lot of things they don’t need. Therefore, it is normal for them to be forgotten and never used.

The consumer society we live in through advertising, the latest models and advertising that pushes you to want what you know you won’t need, makes compulsive buyers more easily led to purchases.

2. Spending money is ruinous

Just like a gambler start spending your money until you go into debtThe same goes for compulsive shoppers.

Indeed, it is quite dangerous to have a credit card in hand. They may get into debts with the bank that they will not be able to pay later.

3. Sales are an incentive

Compulsive shoppers can go into debt with their online purchases

Like advertisements, sales also pose a danger, as compulsive shoppers spend large sums of money.

The savings that these represent is not so much when you buy lots of clothes, accessories and other items that will make the final price rise too much, more than you can afford.

compulsive shoppers, far from what it may seem, they have very low self-esteem. Sometimes they may even suffer from depression.

This is why it is very important not to overlook the signals that can shed light on this disorder, which is an almost self-destructive behavior.

The compulsive shopper enjoys the purchase, but after it his self-esteem plummets even more. You know what you did, the money in your account went down. However, this It’s impulsive behavior that you can’t avoid.

These acts try to cover up a very deep pain that needs to be faced head on. Even if it hurts, even if it costs, it is necessary not to keep turning away from it.

Everything that makes us suffer will continue to be there even if we close our eyes so as not to see it.

Consequences of compulsive buying

As indicated by studies such as the one published in 2010 in the magazine The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol AbuseHeCompulsive buying often has negative consequences. Among them, we can find some such as:

  • Huge financial debts
  • Legal issues
  • Psychological distress (for example, depression, guilt feelings)
  • interpersonal conflict
  • marital conflict

Also, according to research, for compulsive shoppersthe money and the ability to buy could be considered equivalent to a drug.

Treatment of the compulsive shopper

According to the research we were talking about, cognitive behavioral therapy may be effective for this disorder. In any case, the comorbidity of this disorder should be evaluated, especially in the case of depression.

In short, buyers often want to get away from a lot of things. However, It is best to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. about the symptoms that may occur, as it can be difficult to get out of this type of disorder on your own.

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