Consequences of noise pollution

Every day we hear some reference to climate change and pollution. However, phenomena such as noise pollution are less well known.

AND occurs when the noise level continuously exceeds 65 decibels. Although it seems unlikely to us, being exposed to a situation like this for a certain period can cause very serious illnesses.

Despite this, no steps are being taken to get big cities to lower theirs figures In this compound.

Among the elements that generate this problem we find:

  • The streets full of cars
  • Audiovisual advertising media, increasingly popular in cities
  • Jobs

Therefore, the higher the economic development of a place, the more likely it is to suffer.

It affects this Ending noise pollution is not a priority in the design of cities. It is possible that the origin of this situation lies in the lack of information on the part of citizens. This is why we believe it is convenient for you to know its effects on our body.

What are the consequences of noise pollution?

1. Hearing loss

Hearing loss, noise pollution

When we put our headphones on at a very loud volume, there is always someone reminding us how bad it is for our ears. Something similar happens with excess noise.

However, to find this on the street, we don’t realize how much it bothers us. In this way, over time we are undermining our ability to feel. His severity can reach the point of suffering from deafness for no apparent reason.

Moreover, there are also those who suffer from chronic buzzing. One fine day they start to hear an internal whistling that they can’t get rid of.

2. Anxiety

On one side, noise pollution makes it difficult to rest. As you know, this deficiency causes a lack of concentration, so it is difficult for us to do our job normally.

This circumstance brings with it discomfort and frustration that trigger an isolated episode of anxiety, as well as a prolonged pathological picture.

On the other hand, can you imagine what someone who doesn’t know silence must feel? It’s what you It comes to those who endure the daily buzz We talked about it before since, with this circumstance, rest is even more complicated.

3. High blood pressure

8 tips for measuring blood pressure correctly at home

Spasms raise blood pressure. Therefore, if we keep stress for a long time, it can become this disorder.

It is also capable of putting us at risk of stroke. In fact, the number of premature deaths related to noise pollution is considerable.

4. Deterioration of personal relationships

Anxiety plunges us into a state of susceptibility that damages our personal relationships. Anything annoys us, so we tend to respond aggressively or get defensive.

Other than that, too We want to take refuge in the tranquility of our homeso we spend less time with friends and family.

All this happens without us realizing that the origin of our disease is in noise, a matter that makes it impossible for us to communicate because we are that way.

5. Depression

what is depression

Along with cardiovascular disease, it is the most extreme condition. Regard the direct consequence of fatigue and isolation.

Disconnection with others, as well as a feeling of loneliness and loss of control over oneself are usually the prelude to depression.

When the disturbance occurs under these circumstances, it is very difficult to treat, because noise pollution does not depend on us. As if this were not enough, it is common for therapists to detect the intervention of this factor in the germ of the condition.

As you can see, we are not talking about a trivial matter. The impact on our health is very significant. However, noise pollution has the advantage that it its consequences on the environment are not cumulativeso every action to remove it counts.

In fact, it represents a substantial improvement in people’s quality of life. In this sense, it is very important that we know of its existence, to get to work and solve what is possible as individuals, as well as collectively.

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