Control nervousness by preparing 7 herbal remedies

Nervousness is a disorder that it can be accompanied by symptoms such as anxiety, stress, irritability or even tachycardia. If we suffer from it very frequently, we can face serious health problems in the long run.

In this article we share 7 herbal remedies that They will help us control our nerves. In this way we will be able to live with more joy and tranquility, rest better and direct our energy towards what brings us positive things.

Remedies for nervousness

1. Lavender

Lavender for nervousness

Lavender is a plant that It has been used as a soothing remedy since ancient times.. It was in fact added to hot baths so that the person could be impregnated with its aroma, benefiting from all its properties.

This study conducted by the Shefa Neuroscience Research Center (Iran) emphasizes its relaxing properties, as well as its relationship with the nervous system.

We can prepare small bags of gauze or other porous material and fill them with lavender flowers. They are great to put next to your pillow or even to put in the bath. Furthermore, we can also buy your own essential oil for added comfort.

2. Basil

Basil is an aromatic and culinary plant well known for its digestive properties, as confirmed by this study by the University of Illinois. AND very useful for all those people who suffer from stomach nerves, place where they usually go in stressful situations.

  • We can take it as an infusion or use it raw to prepare salads, sauces, creams or vinaigrettes.
  • likewise, too we can prepare the famous pesto and also freeze it to always have it at hand.

3. Bergamot

Control nervousness by preparing herbal remedies

Bergamot essential oil, used in colognes and perfumes, is obtained from the bark of the bitter orange tree. For this reason, it is distinguished by a citrus and refreshing aroma that brings joy and well-being.

this oil it helps us fight mild nervousness naturally, according to this study of the University of Calabria (Italy). If we like its aroma we can use it in our daily life to perfume ourselves, add it to fabric softener or in the environment

4. Oregano

Control nervousness by preparing herbal remedies

Oregano is popular all over the world as a spice, despite the fact that Its origin is found in the Mediterranean basin. In ancient medicine it was mainly used as a digestive remedy and also as a natural antibiotic. Today it is consumed in many countries but its use as a natural cure is not so common.

Second he claims Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), oregano infusion is a good natural solution to help calm nervousness, anxiety or stress gradually and without side effects. If we choose to use your essential oil we could combine it with lavender to enhance its relaxing effects.

5. Orange

THE orangewith its delicious, sweet and refreshing aroma, it is a great aroma which can help fight nervousness. Indeed, citrus fruits in general are very useful in this regard, according to this investigation by the Aromatic Plant Research Center (United States).

  • It is recommended to use orange peel, as it contains a large amount of concentrated nutrients and is highly aromatic.
  • We can prepare infusions, juices or smoothies. We can also grate it and freeze it to use it at any time.

6. Chamomile

Control nervousness by preparing herbal remedies

An infusion of chamomile is always a good option when we are nervous and have no remedy at hand. This herbal tea calms and comforts us, while relieving minor pain, as stated by this study from Case Western University (USA). Therefore, it is a great option to always carry in your bag.

  • we can also use chamomile essential oil to flavor our home.
  • If we mix it with vegetable oil such as coconut, almond, olive, sesame or jojoba oil, we can obtain a pleasant massage with a high calming power.

7. Angelica

Control nervousness by preparing herbal remedies

angelica or holy spirit herb it stands out for its digestive and relaxing virtues. However, we need to make sure it’s the Chinese angelic variety (angelica sinensis), which is the one with medicinal properties. Curiously, in India the root of this plant was used to treat nervous disorders such as epilepsy (although its reliability in these matters has not been proven).

  • Its sedative properties make it an excellent remedy for treat nervousness, anxiety, stress, insomnia and even migraines.
  • For greater effectiveness, we can prepare it as an infusion together with chamomile and orange peel.
  • Also, if we sweeten it with natural honey we will get a much sweeter result.

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