Discover the health benefits of wearing light clothing

Fashions dictate the trend which then reaches the street, that is our life.. The advertising campaigns studied look for the best strategy to send us the message they want and, therefore, increase sales. However, many times, these clothing trends are not the healthiest options for our bodies. Therefore, today we are going to share the benefits of wearing light clothes.

In this type of clothing we can find a feeling of freedom, lightness and comfort that will also have an impact on our health.. It is obvious that the clothes must be consistent with the situation or event in which we participate. However, within this protocol, we can choose light clothes and comfortable for the occasion.

The importance of choosing clothes

light clothing

When choosing our wardrobe we should always keep in mind why we wear one dress over another. That is, who influences us in our decision. It is important to have a critical view of the trends that we gradually accept as a normal thing. Duty develop a critical spirit and try not to be victims of advertising.

Clothes are increasingly becoming the way to express the image we want to give, as well as perform the function of providing comfort. The tendency to be mimetic, to copy what the masses or celebrities do, can lead us to lose our essentials in dressing.

Even the underwear

Some of the items that are especially important when choosing lightweight clothing are the insides. In the case of men’s underwear it should not be too tight or excessively compress the sexual organs. This can pose health risks and is related to infection and male infertility issues. Underpants that are too tight cause irritation and lack of sweating, and can be a source of germs in constant contact.

In the case of women, we find a great need to opt for bras more comfortable, adapted to the natural shape of the chest. Today there is a trend towards beautiful and sensual dresses that do not cause too much pressure.

Benefits of wearing light clothing

1. For our health

  • Circulation: If the clothes are not very tight, the body eliminates excess fluids more easily. In this way, it improves our cardiovascular health. Tight clothing causes numbness in the thighs over time.
  • Digestion: We must choose clothes in our size and avoid so many unnecessary troubles. For example, wearing tight pants can cause heartburn, abdominal discomfort, and excessive gas production. Continued use of girdles causes reflux, heartburn and makes digestion difficult in the stomach.
  • skin health: to have healthy skin we must also allow it to sweat. Using synthetic fabrics that are too close to the skin can cause irritation, dryness, and other skin problems.

2. For our encouragement

  • Feeling of freedom: Lightweight clothing gives us a feeling of freedom. In fact, the simple fact that no clothing compresses us increases our freedom of movement. We can function more securely as we end up not paying attention to clothes and also stop having limitations and rigidities.
  • Less sedentary: Wearing light and comfortable clothes invites you to exercise more. Surely we will be more inclined to walk longer if the clothes are light. If we go shopping in the city, we will have a better day if the clothes don’t constrict us and if the shoes are comfortable.
  • better mood: Dressing in light clothes improves our character. Wearing a garment that oppresses or annoys us can make us have a bad mood or make us have a more irritable character.

How many times have we just wanted to go home to take off that garment that is holding us tight? How many times has a dress ruined a wedding having to keep an eye on it all the time? Therefore, the happiness component that gives us choosing our clothes well is important. Have a criterion with personality that is not based on fashions. But above all, bet on our health. Do you dare to dress up to be happy?

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