Discover the new pyramid of healthy eating here

Discover the new pyramid of healthy eating here

You do not know how the new healthy food pyramid? In this article we will talk about it so that you can follow it and help you improve your health.

To be healthy, we must eat right. The best way to achieve this is to consume products from the different food groups.

In addition, we must supplement the diet with activities that benefit and strengthen the body, exercising frequently.

Recently, the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SEN) introduced new features in the guides diet.

This means that it has introduced improvements in the food pyramid, so that you can build a healthy life. This will give you a better quality of life..

Have a healthy lifestyle: the basis of the pyramid of healthy eating

One of the major changes introduced in the healthy food pyramid was given to the basis of it. The first step of the pyramid recommends leading a healthy lifestylegetting at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

The basis for having correct habits it’s in doing exercise regularly to maintain an adequate weight. You can do any type of exercise in a moderate way.

The important is keep the body fit, increase performance and strengthen the immune system and cardio. This will help you avoid disease and improve health, as stated by a article published in the “Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports”.

By exercising it will be easier to avoid eating disorders while maintaining an adequate energy balance. That is, you will ensure that you give the body enough energy to carry out all your activities.

In case you’ve over-served your portions, sports will help you burn off those excess calories. This way you prevent them from accumulating in the form of fat.

Eat all food groups

The second step of the new healthy food pyramid is to follow a diet that includes all food groups. It includes whole grains such as whole grains, potatoes and others carbohydrates healthy cooked.

Likewise, fruits and vegetables should be consumed 2 or 3 times a day. Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrientssuch as vitamins and minerals, so we must consume them daily.

  • It is recommended to eat fruit instead of sweets that are high in sugar and processed fats. They’re a good option to kill the craving for something sweet without harming your body or running the risk of becoming obese or overweight.

Dairy products should also be part of our daily lives. If you are lactose intolerant, you can opt for skimmed products. Fermented dairy products are especially important. Its probiotic content helps improve intestinal health, as stated by a study published in “The British Journal of Nutrition”.

Finally, white meats, chicken and fish are included, cooked preferably on the grill or with as little fat as possible. Top with eggs and other plant proteins.

Occasional elements in the pyramid of healthy eating

On top of new healthy food pyramid There are foods that should be eaten occasionally and in moderation. Among these, red meats and sausages stand out.

In order for these foods to be useful and not to setback your diet, you should avoid cooking with fat. It is always ideal to accompany them with vegetables and healthy fats.

Among foods that should be alone consume sporadically are those that contain a large percentage of Saturated fats and sugars. This is the case with donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, snacks or snacks.

Nutritional supplements

above the new healthy food pyramid there are dietary supplements. In general, you should eat as varied as possible so that your diet provides you with what you need.

However, you may need some more help. If that’s your case, ask your doctor, as they must be provided with guidance from a professional.

Supplements can help fill the gaps in essential nutrients. However, they shouldn’t be used to replace any specific food.

Take care of the diet to improve health

In short, health is now thought to be more than the sum of several separate factors. Healthy eating, lifestyle and emotional quality are the basis for being in optimal health conditions.

Remember that exercise is essential to ensure optimal functioning of the body. Try to do this frequently.

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