Do lipomas hurt?

Lipomas are lumps of fat that are much more common than we usually think. Generally, They are benign and do not pose major problems, except on an aesthetic level. However, many people believe that lipomas hurt and, for this very reason, they tend to worry.

Below, we’ll dig a little deeper into lipomas to allay some concerns and help clarify when it’s time to see a doctor.

What makes you think lipomas hurt?

Lipomas swell up so much and it’s so obvious why They are found just under the topmost layer of skin. They are usually soft to the touch and can grow up to 5 centimeters in size. However, they can grow something more.

Sometimes they are quite large and more often than not, They usually do not present major inconveniences or complications. Also, if they tend to move when we touch them, this confirms that it is something benign.

Lipomas are just that: lumps of fat that gradually grow until they stop growing. For this reason we must not succumb to panic when we find one somewhere in the body, such as the abdomen or one of the extremities.

Generally, not cause significant pain or discomfort, although if we press hard or constantly touch the lipomas, they can start to hurt due to the pressure exerted.

It is important to know that although lipomas are not a sign of anything serious or a sign of cancer, It is best for you to go to the doctor to check them out if they concern you. Avoid manipulating them and taking measures yourself without the authorization of a professional, because you could injure yourself.

Lipomas sometimes hurt

Man with lipoma arm

So far we’ve seen that lipomas usually don’t hurt and that they are just lumps of fat. However, what happens when lipomas hurt? In which cases does this happen?

When nearby nerves are pressed

This It happens when lipomas grow a lot. For example, imagine you have a lipoma in your intestine and it grows so that it starts to block its movement. In this particular case, lipomas hurt, or rather, cause pain.

When they have many blood vessels

Blood vessels

There are some types of lipomas that have blood vessels. For example, those known as angiomyolipoma It usually appears on the lower extremities and trunk.

The more blood vessels this type of lipoma contains, the greater the pain and discomfort. Pain It usually appears intermittently.

When you suffer from painful adiposity

painful fat it is also known as the dercum disease. Although it is not very common, people who suffer from it have several painful lipomas.

The main areas where the arms, trunk and thighs appear. While the causes of this condition are unknown, it is often associated with obesity.

Treatment of lipomas


As we have seen, lipomas hurt on occasion. However, whether or not they hurt, these lumps of fat They have two common treatments for everyone: excision or liposuction.

Sometimes they go away on their own. However, if they do not go away, if they are annoying or if they fall into the situations that we will discover below, the best solution is to eliminate them:

  • Lipoma causes some kind of problem: prevents bowel movements if it is in them or causes breathing problems because it originates in the throat.
  • it gets too big: A lipoma that grows more than 5 centimeters and continues to progress should be removed. The reason is that it can restrict movement, make you uncomfortable, be annoying or hurt.
  • causes bleeding: Due to its location in the intestine, for example, it can lead to bleeding or blood in the stool. This can cause bigger problems.

In all these cases, excision or liposuction is recommended. However, the lipoma can reappear. For this reason it is important to undergo medical checkups to control these lumps of fat.

A lipoma usually doesn’t cause major complications and if they are small you can live with them. However, if they hurt, annoy, and cause other kinds of problems, your best bet is to remove them completely.

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