Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk addressed the employees of the social network in which he has invested heavily of late for the first time, months after announcing his acquisition plans … and talked about aliens.

But in an odd moment, Musk veered from discussing potential layoffs and content moderation on the online social media platform to a completely unexpected topic, namely aliens. indicates Futurism.

According to CNBC reporting on the closed-door meeting, Musk took time to discuss human consciousness and how he has yet to see any real evidence of aliens.

Alien diversion

“Can we travel to other star systems and see if there are extraterrestrial civilizations?” Musk asked during the meeting, adding that there could also be “long-dead” civilizations we could discover.

Musk may not have been able to “read” his audience, who are thinking more about a potential drastic restructuring. Aside from the alien remarks, the billionaire has not ruled out layoffs as long as the company continues to spend more than it produces.

The director versus the employees

Musk also reiterated that he would allow users to “say pretty outrageous things within the law,” while adding that those potentially harmful comments shouldn’t necessarily be amplified. He also claimed that he would like to start charging users for the purpose of verifying their identities.

In short, the topic of aliens and human consciousness are Musk’s favorite talking points – but was this the best time to bring them up, with tensions high and thousands of jobs at stake? Whatever the answer, one must always expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to Elon Musk.

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