Do you live in an apartment block or in a residential area where wood heating is prohibited? Now you have the opportunity to live the feeling of a real fireplace in your home! So, take full advantage of the season of deals and discount electric fireplaces and choose one of the most spectacular electric decorative models, highly appreciated for the affordable price and the top technologies used.

In this sense, the Sibiu craftsmen with over 20 years of experience in thermal and decorative solutions, offer us electric fireplaces as the perfect alternative for memorable evenings, spent in the ambiance of a device that will bring that extra comfort to the whole family, even in the privacy of your own the living room in the apartment.

An electric fireplace offers the advantage of reproducing the feel of a classic fireplace, but at an extremely affordable price. Thanks to technology and the ultra-realistic LED 3D effect, the “fake fireplace” creates a surprisingly realistic atmosphere in the living room, bedroom or office, with the possibility of heating. Starting, stopping, adjusting the temperature of the thermostat, the brightness of the screen, programming for days and other useful functions, can be controlled with the help of the smart remote control – simple, fast and intuitive, directly from the comfort of your sofa!

In addition, electric fireplaces manage to reproduce the atmosphere of a traditional wood-burning fireplace in the comfort of your own block of flats, but without the disadvantages of constantly maintaining a brick chimney. Electric apartment fireplaces are equipped with a special glass panel, where the image of the flame is displayed through a virtual light projection (3D LED technology).

Once connected to the electricity source, the fireplace is ready to use, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of traveling back in time, with your mind at the stove or the wood-burning fireplace in your grandmother’s warm cottage, where you used to spend your childhood holidays .

The energy consumption of an electric fireplace depends entirely on the features you use. If you use the fireplace only for decoration, then the energy consumption is as much as an LED bulb of 10-15 kW per hour. Electric fireplaces are multifunctional, easy to install and extremely versatile. For example, you can adjust the heat to different levels or turn it off completely, you can play with the shape, brightness and frequency of the virtual flames and all this with a simple operation of the remote control.

For even more authenticity, you can place wood baskets next to the electric fireplace to induce and visually complete the feeling of a real fireplace. So, when you need that extra design and thermal comfort, and the space you live in is not generous enough to allow the installation of a traditional fireplace, the solution of decorative devices becomes the perfect choice.

The craftsmen from Sibiu offer us a complete range of unique models of decorative electric or bioethanol fireplaces, but also classic models of wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, various models of pellet stoves or professional chimneys – all respecting the highest standards quality, design and performance!

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