Failing in a project doesn’t mean failing as a person

Many times, the failure of a project is interpreted as an unfulfilled goal. However, bankruptcy has other forms as well.

It could be staying in the comfort zone out of fear that things won’t go the way we expect. Or even failing to exploit a mistake as an opportunity to improve. Let’s see a little more what it is and how bankruptcy can become our main ally in certain circumstances.

What does it mean to fail in a project?

Not being able to get what you want brings up many emotions: frustration, anguish, discomfort. It’s important to recognize and manage them to prevent them from starting to affect our mood and self-esteem. of an error we can always learn and make a positive self-criticism.

Redefining failure in a project can also help: it doesn’t change us as people. It just means we’ve tried and failed, but there can always be another opportunity. It is necessary to start going out of success.

Failing in a project is sometimes the only way to make a change. Many decisions made by inertia are challenged by varied and unexpected results. Results that are summed under the label of failurebut in reality they allow us to innovate, rethink and bet on creativity.

Fear of failing.
The fear of future failures can be paralyzing, leaving us in a comfort zone that doesn’t allow us to evolve.

Why do some projects often fail?

Some of the reasons why many projects are left unfinished are as follows:

  • Bad planning: there is no real calculation of the resources we need, either in money or in time.
  • They proposed overly ambitious plans but unrealistic.
  • Bad communication or management.
  • Overconfidence and lack of preparation: Any project we undertake requires us to anticipate certain scenarios.
  • Lack of equipment: sometimes we focus all our efforts on ourselves and don’t ask for help from others. In some cases, you have to learn to delegate.
  • Projects also fail because there are no controls. So when there are setbacks or deviations from goals, we don’t notice them in time to make the necessary changes.

What to take into consideration to advance in our projects?

First of all, you need to know this your value as a person does not depend on the success or failure of a project. It depends on many other things, such as striving for what you want or being respectful of others.

So, learn to relativize the importance of an achievement, don’t just read about it all or nothing. In order not to be held back in a situation, it is important to acknowledge and accept it.

For this reason, you can also inform yourself about what really distresses you about failing. Many times we find that there is another underlying reason that has little to do with the task itself but with what you have projected into it.

In turn, you need to be flexible, adapt to situations as they arise and try to apply our creativity to find new outlets. We also need to work on frustration tolerance so that the issue doesn’t affect us more than necessary.

Acknowledge your emotions, accept that you are having a hard time, get angry, or take a few days to recover. But don’t pretend nothing happened here. Only a foolish person, unable to take advantage of a learning circumstance, will neglect the possibility to improve.

On the other hand, It’s also important to be clear about our goals. This way we can be oriented on where we want to go and also track progress.

Man stressed by failure.
The path to what is intended as success it implies obstacles and unfulfilled goals that cannot discourage us.

resilient to failure

Making an opportunity out of a failure or a crisis is the meaning of resilience. It is recognizing that we are vulnerable, that we are not perfect, but perfectible.

As, we also allow ourselves to enjoy the processesinstead of just evaluating the results. In different parts of the world, businessmen have started a movement counter-successin which they share all those situations they experienced before arriving upward. Success is what everyone sees, but behind it are numerous failures and downfalls.

we normalize the errors

A well-known sentence says it there is no worse battle than the one that doesn’t take place. By this, what is meant is that before starting we already have a refusal. So why shouldn’t we, what have we got to lose?

It’s best to try and accepting that a situation has only two possible outcomes: it can turn out to be good or bad. However, both results have something to teach us.

Therefore, when starting a project it is important to recognize that there is a margin of error from which we can learn. Making mistakes a part of our lives will allow us to experience them more naturally and with less frustration.

Finally, let’s think failing in a project implies that we have a project, which is an indication of motivation and interest. That is, we accept that the failure it is inherent in every movement we make. Those who live, those who breathe, those who move make mistakes. And it’s worth living.

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