Famous Couples with an Age Gap: How Did Their Stories End?

There are famous couples with quite a large age gap who have made headlines on the top covers of entertainment magazines. However, seeing them, many wonder: Will it be a genuine relationship, will they be able to overcome the age differences?

Although others with more prejudices They tend to think that these are relationships based on some kind of interest (generally economic or professional), but the truth is that they exist, in the same way that they occur among ordinary people, even if their stories are not so important.

6 famous couples with an age difference

1. Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes

To begin with, the presenter was already very famous when he began his love affair with the influencers Scans and, as a result, many doubted the future of the relationship. On the contrary, After some time together, they sealed their love with a wedding..

In fact, this year they have proved to be more in love than ever and they know perfectly how to indulge their preferences and personalities. They live a constant honeymoon, they let themselves be entertained and advance in their personal projects, but always accompanied.

2. Emanuele and Brigitte Macron

Outside of any society’s conservative beliefs, current French president Emmanual Macron was true to his teenage sentiments. As a student she fell madly in love with her literature teacher and, over time, made his dreams of love come true.

Thus, he married Briggitte, 25 years his senior. surpassing all obstacles cultural, formed a large family which includes 3 children and 7 grandchildren.


3. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

There is no doubt that the actor was one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Actually, everyone was already talking about him as an impossible “bachelor” to marry. However, activist Amal Alamuddin entered her life and won the gentleman over in no time.

They’ve actually been together ever since and, in 2017, their twins were born, who came to crown this romantic story. Another of the famous couples with an age gap who are still happily married.

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4. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

In this case there are 25 years apart, illnesses and ups and downs that mark the relationship. Both are extremely famous, sexy and desired by many. They started their romance in 2000 to a shocking media impact. Therefore, it can be said that they have always been the focus of all entertainment media.

With strong personalities and surrounded by many voices, they have had their ups and downs in the relationship. But it seems that the love they have for each other was enough to overcome all the twists of fate and their own behavior.

Cancer, bipolarity, addictions… A series of illnesses who were present during these years failed to break their couple. Also between the two the allegations of sexual harassment that the actor had to face were fought.

Other famous couples with an age difference have turned the tide

5. Demi More and Ashton Kutcher

Initially the couple, with an age difference of 13 years, got married despite the negative repercussions their relationship had. But it seems that they failed to balance their desires and feelingsso after years of being together they announced their separation.

Apparently the actor’s infidelity was one of the causes of this breakup. Consequently, and with distance, differences escalated and ended in divorce After.

6. Madonna and Jesus Light

Finally, it is known that the queen of pop was in a relationship with the Latin American model 27 years her junior. But, although the singer seems ageless, the truth is this the experience gained over the years was one of the reasons for the separation.

Surely the physical appearance, sex and admiration for another person are important factors in the couple, but dialogue is also essential. And it seems that in this relationship topics of conversation were non-existent.


In conclusion, famous couples with an age difference they dare to face the world with their stories. Some have progressed in their relationships forming lasting families, others have broken up in the attempt.
But the truth is, they are the same as any other non-average people experience; in fact they go through the same love problems and face the same arguments.

It seems that love does not change, regardless of what profession.

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