For the first time in 55 years the Nobel Prize in Physics goes to a woman

The Nobel Prize in Physics is an award given annually to scientists who make the most important discoveries. It is elected by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and has been in existence since 1901.

However, the 2018 award was one of the most special in a long time. Well, after waiting 55 years, a woman returned to the stands in Stockholm to collect the prestigious award.

The Nobel Prize in Physics

This is Donna Theo Strickland, a Canadian physicist and teacher who is now 62 years old. The recognition was given for having performed one of the most important studies to advance the technology of laser beams.

Donna Strickland.

The Nobel was received by Gérard Monreu, the physicist with whom he made the discovery, and Arthur Ashkin. The latter, awarded for a different invention, that these are tweezers that allow you to move microscopic particles without damaging them.

For its part, the discovery of Strickland and Monreu is known as “pulse amplification”. In this, they compressed the laser beams and made this technique more precise and intense.

So much so that the lasers created by Donna and her partner have been used to perform eye operations. actually. Furthermore, the industrial sector has also welcomed them to perform precision cutting or welding.

The other two Nobel Prize winners in Physics were awarded in the years 1903 and 1963. The first was Marie Curie, in charge of showing the multiple benefits of radioactivity. The second was María Goeppert, who showed how atomic layers work.

Nobel women in physics.

“I feel very honoured. I hope more women can win the award soon”Donna Strickland said. This was before the media, when they asked her opinion on the number of winners in history.

Furthermore, he concluded that, despite the statistics, he never felt any inequality in the guild. In fact, he underlined that his relationship with all scientists has always been respectful and profitable.

Woman making statements.

Laser eye surgery

Physical discoveries have prompted one of the best surgical techniques available today.. This is eye surgery which is performed using laser beams.

This procedure It can be performed to correct myopia, cataract or astigmatism problems. In addition, one of its great advantages is that it is a process that does not take specialists much time.

Laser eye surgery.

What happens is that the laser beam has the ability to shape the cornea. that way, prevent any obstacle from causing the person to see blurry.

AS, a large number of patients worldwide have managed to improve their quality of life thanks to the discovery of Donna Strickland, the great Nobel.

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