The mayor of Venice has announced that he is offering free dinners to those who help catch surfers who wandered into a Venice canal. The two were later caught and their plates confiscated.

Two surfers have been filmed speeding down Venice’s busiest canal. The videos published on social networks have angered residents, including the mayor of the city, according to the BBC.

On Wednesday, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro called for the two to be punished. The sheriff offered a free dinner to anyone who saw them and who could contribute information that would lead to the capture of the two.

Free dinners for those who help catch surfers

“I offer dinner to those who spot them,” he tweeted.

Later, the mayor also announced on Twitter that the surfers had been identified.

Their surfboards were confiscated and the surfers will face criminal charges related to endangering the safety of navigation along the canal, Corriere del Veneto said.

Surfing and other water sports are prohibited on the Grand Canal in Venice.

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