Friendship between men and between women: look at their differences

Because when you ask a man why a friend of his split up, he can’t tell you more “I don’t know, he just said that he separated and that’s it”? While on the other side, a woman makes sure she knows every detail after a long conversation. This is an example of the differences in friendship between men and women.

maybe there is cultural factors That they influence us from a young age in the way we make friendshipswhether we are men or women. Maybe it’s personality traits or even other reasons that can be explained by psychology. Since the differences are obvious, today we will address this topic in more depth.

Friendship between men is more instrumental

This definition was applied by the psychologist and author Ronald E. Riggio. Is that friendship between men seems to focus on enjoying an activity together, doing a project or eating together, but without going too deep into the scary details. So if you explain that you separated from your partner, no one will really ask you what happened, analyzing the details.

It’s a way of understanding friendship relationships that women fail to fully understand. Just like experiencing the first kiss or first sexual intercourse; women want details and this doesn’t happen among men.

They focus on sharing experiences, remaining somewhat superficial. friendship is more instrumental between them, even if it’s different for women.

Male friends.
Practical or instrumental friendship between men refers to not delving into personal details.

Friendship between women has an impact on health

It’s very curious, but friendship between women is so important and the bonds that are created are so deep that they can also have an impact on health. This is not confirmed by us, but by the study Stronger social support has been shown to improve early breast cancer outcomes. In it, women diagnosed with cancer at an early stage were taken as a reference.

Apparently, there was 38% less mortality if you had satisfactory friendships. The situation was different in women who had almost no friends or when the relationships they had were not satisfactory.

While it’s worth doing more studies on all of this, it’s an open door that sheds light on the importance of friendships between women.

Men neglect friendships more

Another of the reflections that Ronald E. Riggio contributes is that men neglect relationships more. They can go months without contacting their friends, without talking to them; and they can all meet again as if nothing had happened, without the friendship being diminished. Maybe that’s the way it is because of that character instrumental.

In friendship between women this is very different. If the contact is not frequent and efforts are not made to meet more frequently, to get to know her life, to worry, the friendship will gradually diminish.

Women attach great importance to this type of relationship. As we have seen before, it also affects your health.

Girlfriends unite.
Frequent contact is typical of friendships between women, which require regular meetings.

Women talk more about their emotions and relationships

Nail surveys carried out a few years ago revealed this aspect that can make friendship between women different from that between men. There are several data that confirm what has been explained so far.

Scores on talking about family, goals or personal problems were higher among the women surveyed. Even conversations on the phone were more numerous in them than in them. Friendship between women is characterized by being a source of relief, seeking other points of view and advice.

Although there are always exceptions and this is something that we cannot lose sight of at any time, it is true that friendship between men and women is far from being the same thing. We just need to take a look around us and our relationships. How different are those of the opposite sex?

This is neither good nor bad; just different.

friendship always matters

What is clear is this friendship relationships are important and necessary in our life. As we get older, we may lose friends along the way, make new ones, and their numbers dwindle.

It’s normal, because we all change. In the end, we end up betting on relationship quality instead of quantity.

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