Games and exercises to strengthen children’s arms

Physical exercise is essential for the good physical development of children. For them, the best option is gamingin any of its forms. In this article we will focus on a series of movements that help strengthen children’s arms.

This task is important to achieve harmonious development of the whole body. This is important because it is common to pay close attention to the lower body. However, as soon as the little ones stop crawling, this area usually gets less attention.

Also, another reason why it is very important for children to develop their upper body is related to the development of shoulder and shoulder girdle stability. This is essential for growing up with good posture and also for the development of fine motor skills and writing.

Children’s upper body strength, including shoulder stability, should be developed through exposure to a broad range of gross motor activities.

Games in the park for the development of arms

On playgrounds, there are many opportunities for children to strengthen their arms. There, children often have the opportunity to swing, swing, climb, pull and push, through a wide range of options. These include high bars, ropes and nets.

Free play in the park gives your child the opportunity to explore different movements and to experiment again and again. Furthermore, it also allows you to interact with other children, improvise games or simply learn from others.

The park offers another set of psychomotor development options for children, such as lower body musculature, balance, and learning spatio-temporal patterns, among others.

Group games in parks and squares foster social as well as physical relationships.

Throwing games to strengthen children’s arms

Throwing is a type of physical activity in which not only children’s arms are strengthened, but also the whole upper body. As, any game or sport that involves throwing something or hitting a moving object with your hand develops and tones this area.

This category includes ball games in which you throw with your hands and also those with rackets or the like.

These types of variations can be adapted to the age of the child and also to the circumstances. Simple activities like throwing rocks into the river already involve some interesting arm work.

Howeverin these games it is interesting to challenge the child to use both arms. Otherwise, it is very likely that you always shoot with your dominant hand, which can cause some kind of muscle imbalance in the medium or long term.

Play at home to strengthen children’s arms

At home, you can also play lots of games and activities that help children strengthen their arm and upper body muscles.

Here are some ideas for kids to play at home while building strength:

  • Movements in the corridor, lying face down, using the arms: with a little creativity you can create contests or play hide and seek. Different movement possibilities can also be explored; supporting the hip, with the hip raised, with legs straight, with legs bent.
  • Ground toss game: These types of games can be played standing, lying down, sitting, or any position you can think of. The thing is, you have to control your movements so that the ball or whatever you throw goes to ground level.
  • Houseworks: You can have the children help with the housework while their arms work, offering games in which they have to move more or less heavy things. For example, they can help clear shelves, move items up and down, or move items around. Even to move the purchase.
The little boy exercises his lower body.
It is normal to focus on the lower body in the early years of life, but then the arms can be stimulated.

Free play and strengthening of arms in childhood

It is known that sports such as basketball, handball, tennis or paddle tennis promote, among other things, the strengthening of the upper body. However, there are other options that focus more on working your arms, shoulders and back.

Also very interesting are archery, climbing or table tennis to strengthen the arms and, in general, the entire upper body.

It is very common for adults to insist that children do guided exercises, structured games, and so on. However, what helps the physical development of children the most is have the opportunity to play freely in environments where there is opportunity for exercise.

He field or the park offers endless possibilities for children. But in addition, if they wish, they must be given the opportunity to play sports.

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