Gymnastics for pregnant women – good exercises during pregnancy

Pregnancy shouldn’t necessarily be a time of rest, unless there’s some reason medical prescription because of this. Now, when it comes to a risk-free pregnancy, the ideal is to stay active to take care of ourselves comprehensively, fight overweight and, of course, facilitate childbirth. For this, it is essential to opt for the appropriate gymnastics for pregnant women.

If you play sports or exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week), you can get benefits both during pregnancy and at any other stage of your life. Also, you will recover before the baby is born.

Next, we share the best exercises you can do during these months of sweet waiting.

What is the most suitable intensity?

The most advisable thing for a pregnant woman would be to attend specific courses for pregnant women or for moderate exercise, as directed by your doctor.

Pregnant women tend to sit on the floor.
In pregnancy and childbirth, the squatted position can be beneficial to the mother and fetus.

The intensity of the exercise will always depend on the medical indications. These will take into account, among other things, the level of exercise you practiced before pregnancy. Therefore, if you were very active before pregnancy, the guidelines you should follow will be different from those of a woman who led an inactive or more sedentary lifestyle.

In general, as mentioned above, moderate intensity is the most recommended. Moderate exercise should be one in which, even if you have to exert yourself, you can breathe or talk comfortably.

  • If your doctor authorizes it, you can do, for example, moderate exercise sessions of half an hour, 4 times a week.

Warm up and stretching in the gym for pregnant women

You should never start playing sports when it’s cold, especially during pregnancy, because the body changes in all ways, not just in terms of weight and shape. Therefore, the first step will always be stretch gently.

Once you have stretched your entire body, don’t start the exercise abruptly. Always do it gradually, allowing muscles warm up and tune.

If you often suffer from cramps or are prone to injuries, you need to be very careful. In these cases, a good option would be to opt for water gymnastics.

Other previous advice

  • Drink plenty of water or natural beverages during exercise.
  • Always inform the instructor of our pregnancy. A good option are specific activities for pregnant women.
  • Avoid sports that involve a risk of falling or perform them with the utmost caution.

When you lack motivation, as gymnastics will require more effort than before, don’t forget about its benefits. It could help you improve some common pregnancy discomfortssuch as constipation, swelling of the feet or nerves.

Gym exercises for pregnant women

Pregnancy during pregnancy
Pelvic floor exercises allow for better control of contractions during labor.

1. Pelvic floor exercise

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that close the abdominal cavity in its lower part. Exercise is very important to offset weight gain that this part of the body has to bear, and which will be the protagonist during childbirth. It also helps fight urinary incontinence.

  • This exercise can be performed lying down, standing or sitting. Even sitting on a pilates ball or fitball.
  • To begin, inhale and, when exhaling, apply force as if we were squeezing the anus and vagina, as if we were holding each other. Try to stay like this for 10 seconds.
  • Exhale and relax, becoming aware of the entire pelvic floor being relaxed.
  • Do 3 sets of 8 reps throughout the day. Moreover, They can be done at any time with discretion.

2. Exercise to relax the lower back

  • We will get on all fours, with our hands at shoulder height and our knees at hip level. The back should be straight. In yoga It is known as the cat pose.
  • Inhale and, as you exhale little by little, press your abdomen in and arch your back like a cat, pausing for a few seconds as we finish exhaling.
  • The head is tucked into the chest. We have to feel this exercise vertebra by vertebra, since we want to give mobility to the back and therefore relax all the pressure that the lumbar area supports.
  • As we inhale, we return to the initial position, keeping in mind not to push the belly out, but to remain in a neutral position.
  • Do 10 repetitions at least twice a day.
  • When you’re done, sit on your ankles and stretch your arms forward on the ground to rest.

3. Exercise for the pelvis, abdomen and lower back

  • First, lean your back against the wall and bend your knees slightly.
  • Next, imagine that you want to insert your belly button until it touches the wall. We will see how the pelvis makes a movement to lift the pubis as we exhale.
  • Stay like this for about 5 seconds and let all the air out.
  • Then return to the starting position as you inhale.
  • Repeat 10 times 2 times a day.

These exercises are simple and relaxing. gymnastics for pregnant women must combine moderate-intensity sports with these techniques that will help prepare the body for childbirth.

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