Hairstyles suitable for the cut of the dress

Combining the hairstyle with the accessories we use, such as necklaces and earrings, is something we do every day. It also has a lot to do with the makeup and style we choose for an occasion. However, there is a chance to choose the right hairstyles for dress cutting. Want to know how?

A common feature shared by hairstyles and clothes is that they emphasize or detract from the same parts of the body. We are referring to shoulders, neck, arms and back.

Due, Care should be taken to choose suitable hairstyles according to the cut of the dress. In any case, if the hairstyle is already decided in advance, go the other way; Make sure your outfit is consistent with your hair goals.

Next, we’ll provide some guidelines for you to know how to choose which type of hairstyle looks best with each dress cut. Evaluate the different alternatives and try the ones you like best!

Hairstyles suitable for the cut of the dress

So let’s see what kind of hairstyle we will have to wear if we intend to wear the following clothes:

strappy dress

Symbol of elegance and beauty by nature. This leaves the shoulders uncovered, so it would be a real waste to cover them with hair. Updos make the beautiful details of the outfit shine even more.

Dresses with cut out back

Girl with a sophisticated bow.

It would be a mistake to let your hair down and cover your back, which is really the protagonist when you wear this type of dress. Therefore, The best are the updos: high, low or braided chignons are some ideas. Otherwise, if you want to wear your hair down, you can move it to one side so it doesn’t cover your entire back.

One shoulder dresses

Unquestionably, these types of dresses are very elegant and look beautiful as soon as a woman wears them. However, they produce a certain visual imbalance that hair can correct perfectly.

AS, You can appeal to a low ponytail to one side or a bow, also to one side. The idea is to leave the sleeve side of the dress free, of course.

The necklines are also decisive

1. Turtleneck

If you are going to wear a high neckline, the best are hairstyles with collected hair. For example, you could make a high bun. This hairstyle is ideal for very formal occasions, such as weddings or gala parties.

These kinds of dresses are highly recommended for girls with small breasts. Their main virtue is that they stylize the figure in an excellent way; your waist and facial features will stand out thanks to the high neck.

2. Open necklines

Hair lotion.

Strapless neckline

If, on the other hand, the neckline of the dress you’re wearing is rather open, strapless or imperial cut, you have two options:

  • The first is make a bow on the side, which will allow you to show off your neck and face in an elegant way, with a certain air of informality.
  • On the other, you can appeal loose hair, which will allow you to cover your shoulders if you have a robust body. The good thing about this alternative is that the neckline will not relegate its importance to your hair. If you have waves, you will look phenomenal.

boat neckline

Something similar happens with the bateau neckline, which is characterized by having a rounded curve from shoulder to shoulder that passes through the chest. For this dress, A high bun is recommended if you have a short neck or a low ponytail on the side.

To reach a choice in any of these three options, as well as to choose other appropriate hairstyles according to the cut of the dress, the role we want to give to each part of the body is essential. That is, it will depend on our intentions regarding the face, neck, breasts and shoulders.

3. American neckline

This is the type of dress that exposes the shoulders, arms and back. To complete the ballerina look offered by this garment, You could also do a side-swept hairstyle. Tall buns are also a good option.

If you don’t feel like any of the above ideas, you can think about doing braids, side ponytails or buns. If not, wear it loose with some volume. The important thing, in all cases, is to show your back.

4. Round neckline

Girl with classic hairstyle.

By now you will notice that the collected hairstyles are the most used for formal wedding dresses. So it won’t surprise you to know that the round neckline character Understated and sophisticated, it looks great with updates, especially on the sides.

5. French neckline

Also called square neckline, This type of dress looks great with braids. They allow you to look very formal, and if you have a broad build, it is a highly recommended outfit.

The possibilities are so many and it’s great to play around with them and see how they fare. Always think of the whole picture. As much as you love a dress or hairstyle, think about whether they fit the look you’re planning for a night out. Choosing the right hairstyles based on the cut of the dress can further highlight your beauty and that of your clothes.

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