He celebrated his engineering degree where his mother sells used clothes

Luckily, there are many children who proudly praise their parents’ work. Well, this business is what gives them the opportunity to study their dream career and start achieving each of their goals.

This was demonstrated by Enrique Zapata, a young Mexican who on graduation day decided to go to his mother’s workplace to pose with his diploma. This is because he recognizes that thanks to this office he has been able to obtain the necessary resources to pay for all the semesters of his professional career.

His mother’s job is to sell used clothes in a casual place. In this way, although the amount of profits he obtains is not exaggerated, from the very beginning he decided to invest everything in his son’s education.

After all, this shows the wonderful Love and parental sacrifice. Well, even if they don’t have excess resources, they make the necessary efforts so that their children can have a better future.

Edward the engineer

The celebration

Enrique was born into a humble but hardworking family. This way, his mother was never reluctant to do any informal work because it was clear that this way she could support her son.

Likewise, Enrique grew grateful for that job which allowed him to meet all his basic needs. Consequently, once the university degree has been obtained, He immediately went to the plant to give him a well-deserved recognition.

Upon arrival, the young man let his mother know that the title also belonged to her for each of the efforts she had made. Furthermore, she told him that he would be grateful to that job for the rest of his life for providing him with the resources he needed to train as a professional.

The photo in the clothing store

He also stated that this was the best scenario in which he could have celebrated his success. Well, it was from him that all the money was obtained to be able to pay for transportation, tuition, photocopying, materials and all the extra expenses that a university entails.

In addition to that, It was the place where he felt most at ease. for all he had given her. Although many times his earnings were minimal, at all times they allowed him to cover each of the needs that arose along the way.

The viralization of history

After the one-on-one celebration at the venue, Eduardo wanted to share a message through his social networks. He felt the need to thank each of the clients who trusted his mother’s work and allowed her to earn the money to pay for her college degree.

As a result, he let them know that they too deserved the dedication of the title. They had collaborated by putting in the necessary grains of sand to be able to promote the dream that was latent.

Eduardo sending the thank you message

On the other hand, he took the opportunity to convey to people the importance of supporting and valuing informal businesses. WELL They are places where profits can be made to continue training the professionals of the future.

Thanks to the sense of quality of the contents, in a short time the publication exceeded 80,000 interactions. Likewise, he was full of congratulations on his achievement and the noble attitude of appreciating his mother’s work.

Final reflection

This story is essential to reflect on the importance of valuing each of the jobs in the world. At the end of the road, everyone makes every effort to achieve the dreams they have in mind.

Moreover, it is another of the many stories that allow parents to be valued. They always show that they are ready to overcome obstacles. and give your children the best.

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