He paid for a car worth 30 million pesos in coins

Judicially saving a portion of the monthly salary is the best activity to achieve the dreams a person desires. It doesn’t matter if it’s made with bills or coins; It all adds up to great stability.

This was demonstrated by the surprising event that took place in Zhoukou, a city located in China. There, a man used his life savings to fulfill a dream for his heir.

The events took place in a dealership, as the man gave his son the first car of his life. However, he caught the attention of the crowd because the entire payment was made in coins.

The gentleman, days before, had already gone to the workshop to find out the prices and to be sure of how much was missing. Therefore, in putting together the full balance, he didn’t hesitate to go over and make the purchase with the equity he had on hand.

He paid for a car worth million pesos in

The process of buying with coins

The man thus arrived at the scene with 17 plastic bags containing coins of all values. This was because the purchase was known to have been made for around 51,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 30 million pesos in Colombian currency.

As a result, 20 dealership employees had to receive bags from the man and split counting all the coins. Even so, despite the number of people involved, the exercise of verifying all the money took 3 hours.

However, the workers did it with all the predisposition and valued the man’s effort to achieve his goals.

The impact on social networks

The incident quickly went viral on the internet because it was a new situation that doesn’t happen often. In doing so, it has generated many divided opinions.

On the one hand, a section of netizens appreciated the gentleman’s great savings habit and said that coins have the same function as banknotes.

On the other hand, other internet users have commented that sellers should always force buyers to pay change at the bank. Because they claim that counting is a lengthy procedure that takes their time unnecessarily.

The importance of saving

Save it is a habit that reinforces the value of responsibility and allows people to live in a more organized way. For this reason, this exercise is one of the key factors in making each of the dreams come true on time.

He paid for a car worth million pesos in

Finally, saving allows people to reflect on their spending and not make unnecessary purchases. This way they can raise enough resources to improve their quality of life or overcome a crisis.

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