Herbs and spices that promote hair growth

Having long, strong and beautiful hair is already almost a dream come true. However, if you think that chemical-laden commercial products can help you in your endeavour, you are wrong.

Forget the chemicals and add some readily available herbs and spices to your hair to make it grow faster.

Herbs and spices that promote hair growth

While it is true that there is no miracle product to grow hair overnight, there are a wide variety of alternatives that can help stimulate healthy growth in a short time.

Among these options we find some medicinal plants which, moreover, they revitalize the hair when it has been attacked. Do you dare to try them? Discover them!



Use tea from chamomile as a post-shampoo rinse to promote hair growth. AND relaxes the hair fiber and scalpthus helping to reduce shedding.


You can make your own rosemary tea by simmering the leaves of the herb in water or simply include it in your daily diet.

  • Wash your hair with the infusion it can help you get rid of dandruffwhich is considered to be one of the main factors in hair loss.



THE ponytail It is also very helpful in making our hair grow faster.

  • Like other herbs, it can be used as a rinse in the form of an infusion or taken orally as part of the diet.
  • If you like, you can also mix it with your favorite shampoo and rinse your hair completely with the mixture.

Ginkgo biloba

When it comes to igniting hair follicles totally naturally, the Ginkgo biloba it can be a great choice.

  • Regularly applying herbal tea to the roots of the hair can increase blood circulation throughout the scalp, thereby significantly accelerating the growth of strands.


Make your own natural hair growth tonic by boiling some black cumin seeds in water, straining the liquid, and adding an egg yolk.

Apply regularly to the entire scalp with a cotton pad.

  • This mixture can also be replaced with a hearty blend of equal amounts of olive oil and cumin oil. Your dandruff will disappear and growth will be stimulated.


Applying a mixture of cinnamon powder and honey to your hair will keep scalp infections at bay and help reduce dandruff, itching, etc.

You can also mix the spice with olive oil and heat it increase blood flow to the scalp and support growth of the hair.

black pepper

black pepper

Black pepper has amazing qualities for improve our digestive functions and optimize blood circulation.

As a result, our body can absorb all the necessary nutrients in correct amounts which ultimately stimulates the growth of our mane.


Sesame seeds are rich in two essential minerals, calcium and magnesium, which are vital for the growth and health of our hair fibers.

Therefore, taking sesame orally is also considered effective in growing long and strong hair.

Additional tips

Maintain a balanced diet

Making sure you are providing your body with sufficient nutrition is key to healthy hair.

What you put in your hair doesn’t matter if your body isn’t well nourished. Make sure that you’re getting your daily dose of healthy fats, proteins, and nutrients.

Choose the right products

Hair conditioner

The employment of natural or herbal shampoos that do not contain harsh chemicals as sulfate can be very beneficial when it comes to hair health. The sulfates strip it of all natural oils.

It would also be a good idea to invest in a good silicone-free conditioner.

Invest in a wide-toothed wooden comb and a boar-bristle brush.

  • A wide-toothed wooden comb prevents hair breakage and static electricity. This is the ideal comb to use to detangle your hair.
  • Once detangled, a boar bristle brush will help remove oil from the roots, ensuring your hair is well nourished and protected.
  • Moreover, it is important to avoid combing hair while it is wet, as that is when the hair is most vulnerable to breakage.

Never leave the conditionerAche

Conditioner is extremely important when it comes to maintaining hair health.

It would also be a good idea to deeply nourish your hair at least once a week with an extremely hydrating homemade hair mask.

Always wash with cold water

Cold water helps seal the cuticle of your hair, ensuring it’s smooth and silky. This also helps prevent moisture loss from your hair.

cut regularly

Trim the ends

Cutting your hair every 6-8 weeks is vital. This will help get rid of any split ends, preventing the damage from spreading further.

Stop using heat styling tools

Regular use of heating elements can cause significant damage to hair. If you’re addicted to your dryer, that would be a good idea look for other solutions without heat and take a break.

Let your hair air dry

Instead of using a blow dryer, let your hair air dry. Do this by gently squeezing the excess water out of your hair with a towel and leaving it open until it dries.

Do not rub your hair vigorously with the towel, as this may damage your hair.

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