How can we make tents with recycled materials

With the passage of time, the use of recycled materials applied to decoration and interior design is on the rise. Thanks to these recycling ideas we can save money and personalize our home. This is why we suggest you make tents with recycled materials.

These curtains are laborious and require some patience. However, The result is spectacular and always very flashy and colorful. Are you brave enough to make your tents from recycled materials?

Unlimited recycling and imagination

For many people it may be strange or shocking reuse items and make another use of it. In fact, the essence of recycling materials is to convert something considered trash and give it a new life. Recycling is not incompatible with good taste or eleganceIt all depends on our imagination.

The art of recycling it can turn something bland and insubstantial into a one-of-a-kind piece and of great value and utility. Let’s not underestimate our possibilities and resources. With a little free time and desire, the results won’t leave your guests indifferent. In this case, let’s see how to make a tent with recycled materials.

    make tents with recycled materials
There are many materials that can be recycled to make beautiful curtains for your home. You simply have to put your creativity to the test.

Curtains with recycled materials

Anything that costs effort is valued more. Making this type of handicraft, regardless of our skill or knowledge, can transform a simple curtain into an object to be cherished.

However, it matters knowing how to choose the material with which we will work. The options for creating our ideal tent can be endless, as this is the magic of recycling.

The choice of materials is always subordinated to the space in which they will be useful and to criteria of functionality and feasibility. For example, if we have small children we should not make a tent that was within their reach and made of materials that are easily broken.

The bamboo

To get started, create our curtain with bamboo rods can be a very elegant and sophisticated idea. Bamboo for Westerners has an exotic and even tropical air.

We just have to keep in mind that this type of curtains make a particular sound when we move them and the bamboo collides. For some it will sound like poetry for others maybe not so much and it can make them nervous.

A curtain made with recycled bamboo can have a different use than a common curtain. It serves more as a room divider and not so much to give privacy to a space or to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Something more complicated and laborious is making a bamboo roller blind. It’s a great variation to consider but requires a more complicated process.

bottle caps

If we want to give a fun and informal air to our home or patio, an awning made with plastic caps or bottle caps is the best solution. This option contributes its grain of sand in environmental conservation as well We are aware of the importance of recycling plastic packaging.

The small difficulty of making a curtain with dowels is getting them. given that hundreds of plugs are needed, we will have to organize our friends to keep them for us.

Moreover, It is good to know the colors that we will choose. In this way we will be able to collect the covers of the drinks we need and therefore it does not become a meaningless mixture.

    make tents with recycled materials
By reusing caps from plastic bottles, you can make a beautiful curtain for bedrooms or living rooms. Do you like the idea?

Coffee capsules

For families who consume coffee in capsules, here’s a Nice idea to recycle all those small disposable containers. With nylon thread and a good glue you can build the strips of a small curtain that separates, for example, the kitchen from the living room.

If we can patiently collect all the capsules we need, we can make some shape or design with the different colors of these containers. It will surely be a good topic of conversation with your guests and more than one will end up copying it.

More ideas for a tent with recycled materials

Finally, if we want to personalize our home even more, we can use materials that have a direct relationship with us or with our trades. There are tents made with buttons, with wine bottle caps, with soda caps, with slides or X-rays, with CDs, with scraps of fabric, or even with ropes.

Any recycled material, i.e. non-toxic and in good condition, can be used to create a charming and unique curtain that you won’t be able to buy anywhere. Do you dare?

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