How is tuberculosis spread and what is its treatment?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is not talked about much. So it is normal that there is great ignorance about it and how it spreads. For all these reasons, today we will answer many of the questions we can ask ourselves about this disease.

Although the word tuberculosis At first it may seem like a serious and incurable disease to us, we shouldn’t go into panic mode. WELL, tuberculosis can be treated and even prevented, which is good news.

How does tuberculosis spread?

tuberculosis infection
One of the ways of contagion is through the expulsion of infected droplets.

The first of the questions we will answer concerns the methods of dissemination.

At the beginning we said it is an infectious disease. A disease that affects the lungs and causes cough, runny nose, fever, and night sweats. These symptoms are similar to the flu, a disease with which it also shares the form of contagion: the air.

Whenever a person with tuberculosis coughs, the bacteria they come out of your mouth and can infect anyone who inhales them. However, fetuses can also become infected if their own mother is infected.

The amniotic fluid will become infected, and if ingested or inhaled by the fetus, it will become infected. For this reason, they are usually vaccinated against this infectious disease at birth.

The funny thing is that many people have it latentlyi.e. it is not active. However, this can change over the years without being able to predict when the TB status will change and why this will happen.

How do I know if I have tuberculosis?

We have already shed light on how it is transmitted and how it manifests itself, however it is interesting to delve into it to appreciate the complexity of this disease. Although, as in all cases, carrying out medical tests is what will confirm whether you have it or not.

  • Cough: tuberculosis cough is dry and persistent, lasting more than three weeks. Also, sometimes, blood and mucus may leak out due to the aggressive coughing that occurs.
  • Weight loss: The desire to eat may diminish, however, weight loss occurs for no reason, is sudden and warns us of something not going well.
  • Night sweats: profuse sweating occurs every day at nightfall for no reason. Sometimes a fever may appear, which could justify this sweating.
  • Weakness and fatigue: you feel extremely tired, despite sleeping a lot at night. Exhaustion and tiredness severely limit daily chores.

All these symptoms can be confused with the flu. Sometimes they can even be mild. This means that in some cases people do not go to their doctor, they self-medicate and infect those around them without knowing that it is actually tuberculosis they are suffering from.

General information on the treatment of tuberculosis

bronchopulmonary seizure.

After seeing how tuberculosis spreads and how it manifests itself, let’s see how it is treated. Because although we have said that tuberculosis can be prevented and treated, otherwise it can be fatal.

Numerous drugs are administered to treat tuberculosis. Early diagnosis of this disease portends a speedy recovery. It is necessary to mention that the drugs provided are effective, but they have many side effects. Therefore, they must be checked by a doctor.

How can it be prevented? The best way is to vaccinate newborns. However, if we have latent tuberculosis, our doctor can give us some medicines to prevent it from becoming active.

Drug treatment usually lasts about 6 months. If followed correctly, the patient will successfully overcome this disease. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations as indicated.

Did you already know how tuberculosis spreads? As we have mentioned, the best way to prevent it is to get vaccinated. However, in case of any symptoms, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Self-diagnosis is not the best option.

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