A number of 744 flights registered delays of more than 30 minutes at take-off or landing, in the last week, at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest (AIHCB), the figure being decreasing.

According to the Bucharest National Airports Company (CNAB), between August 4 and August 10, 2022, at “Henri Coandă” Airport, a number of 744 flights (landings and take-offs) recorded delays of more than 30 minutes, with a decrease of 72 flights affected by delays compared to the previous week.

The number of delays generally corresponds to the airlines’ market share on the AIHCB, so that the most delayed flights were registered with Wizz Air (231 flights), Blue Air (124 flights), Ryan Air (112), and Tarom (91 flights).

During the same period, a number of 5 flights were cancelled.

Between 4 and 10 August 2022, 2,381 flights (2,170 regular and 93 non-regular) were operated on AIHCB.

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