More than 900,000 visitors visited the Bucharest Christmas Market, open from November 20 to December 26, the general mayor recently announced.

“The Bucharest Christmas Fair closed its doors: over 900,000 visitors, two hundred artists, craftsmen, artisans, carolers and concerts turned Constitution Square into one of the most sought-after destinations in Bucharest during the winter holidays”, he announced the mayor general Nicușor Dan.

According to him, artists such as Andra, the Valahia National Orchestra, soprano Felicia Filip, IRIS Cristi Minculescu, Valter si Boro, Lupii lui Calancea, Ducu Bertzi, Mircea Baniciu, Paula Seling, Narcisa Suciu or Nicu Alifantis took to the stage in Constitution Square.

There were also carols or established names of choral music, such as the Radio Children’s Choir, folk ensembles and brass bands, but also children’s choirs and vocal groups of some schools and high schools from Bucharest enrolled in the Cantus Mundi National Program.

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