In the last nine months of the war, Russia spent $82 billion on its invasion, according to Forbes, cited by Sky News.

Russia’s budget revenues last year amounted to $340 billion – meaning that Moscow spent a quarter of its annual budget on war.

This estimate includes only the direct costs of Russia’s military operation and does not include defense spending or economic losses caused by Western sanctions.

The publication stated that Russia’s federal budget revenues from oil and natural gas exports are falling after it lost most of the European gas market.

This comes as the cost of war spending doubled this fall, with the conflict costing at least $10 billion a month.

How much has Russia spent in the current war?

Invasion expenses include troop salaries, compensation for the dead and wounded, the purchase or production of weapons and ammunition, and the replacement of lost equipment.

Forbes said the cost of compensation for the dead and wounded was estimated at more than $3.5 billion in the last month of the war.

The publication calculated that Russia used between 10,000 and 50,000 shells per day, with the average price of a Soviet-caliber shell being about $1,000.

Therefore, Russia’s expenditure is estimated at more than 5.5 billion dollars for the supply of artillery alone.

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