A cup of coffee has become more expensive, the statistics office of the European Union announced on Thursday, highlighting an increase in the price of this basic drink, along with those of sugar and milk.

Coffee prices rose by an average of 16.9% in August compared to the previous year, writes Reuters.

Fresh whole milk now costs 24.3% more on average, while consumers paid 22.2% more for fresh low-fat milk, Eurostat said.

Sugar saw the biggest increase, with its average price jumping 33.4%.

What is happening to the price of coffee in the EU?

The data showed that prices increased for these four products in all EU member states except Malta, where the price of fresh low-fat milk remained unchanged.

Finland and Lithuania saw the biggest changes in coffee prices, with increases of 43.6% and 39.9% respectively, followed by Sweden and Estonia.

Poland saw the biggest increase in sugar prices, which jumped 109.2% compared to August 2021.

In the euro zone – the 19 countries that have the euro currency – consumer price inflation reached 9.1% in August, driven by energy and food prices. This reached a new record of 10% in September, according to Eurostat’s estimate.

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