How to activate the brain without caffeine

When we get up in the morning it is difficult for us to activate the brain. This is due to sleep inertiawhich is present in those moments when we are still saturated with melatonin.

So it’s no surprise that when we wake up we feel disoriented, have trouble concentrating, or function awkwardly, tripping over furniture, dropping cups and spilling water.

This sensory and motor stun should last about 30 minutes., until we finish waking up. Although on some occasions, for various reasons, it takes up to 2 hours.

To overcome sleep inertia and activate the brain, many turn to caffeine. However, this is not the only solution. In this article, we present some options that will help you wake up and even get through the day without the need for coffee.

12 different coffee options to activate the brain

There are alternatives to coffee. We can use some of them at different times of the day to avoid the risks that lethargy can cause when waking up or falling asleep.

1. Light

There is a clear association between the amount of light we receive and awakening, due to circadian rhythms. Therefore, the first step in activating the brain is to expose yourself to daylight as much as possible.

The sun in the morning not only helps sharpen the mind but also boosts mood and energy. This is due, second Educationbecause light is the main factor influencing cortisol.

If you don’t have this option, because you get up very early or because there isn’t a window to the outside, you can use a blue light lamp.

THE evidence found suggest that blue light has an impact on physiological functions and can be used to treat sleep disorders. However, care must be taken, as it also causes photoreceptor damage.

Natural light upon awakening.
Natural light in the early morning activates the brain, affecting cortisol and circadian rhythms.

2. Water

When we got up we spent a few hours without drinking water, from the night before. We may experience mild dehydration, which manifests itself in weakness and fatigue.

AS, all we need to activate the brain is hydrate. So we can also enjoy the benefits provided by a glass of water on an empty stomach.

But this shouldn’t only be considered in the morning. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the dayso that the brain remains active.

3. Music

If we want to spice it up a bit, there’s nothing like a tune to our liking. Music stimulates the brain it improves our mood and increases optimism, in turn reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Shower

This is the next step: the shower. Hot or cold water? Of course the latter. Among the benefits of a cold shower you have to activates blood circulation throughout the bodyincluding the brain.

But if the external temperature or the state of health advise against this option, for less you can splash your face with cold water from the sink. This too will shake you up and activate you.

5. Physical activity

Whether it’s a short walk, some back stretching, pilates or yoga, some exercises when we get up make the temperature rise and the circulation is activated, putting us on alert to get out of mental lethargy.

6. Infusions and drinks

For coffee drinkers, the pleasant effect is perceived not only at the level of the nervous system, but also through the sense of smell and taste, due to the stimulating aroma and intense flavour. If you want to enjoy these sensations, You can add a beverage to your routine, such as green tea or another herbal tea chamomile or ginger.

You can also be daring with chocolate. Cocoa contains caffeine (45 milligrams per cup), but to a lesser extent than coffee, which comes in at 100 milligrams per 150 milliliters.

7. Always eat breakfast

The consequences of not eating breakfast are diverse and are not exactly positive, but quite the opposite. Among these we have the following:

  • Increased glucose levels.
  • Tendency to obesity.
  • Emotional alterations.
  • Digestive problems.

In the same order of ideas, when we eat nothing in the morning we encourage low energy. Sure, the brain works half machine. The breakfast cannot be ignored.

8. Fuel with energy

It is necessary to take into account what a good and balanced breakfast is, which one include a little from each of the three macronutrient groups. Although it is better to cut back on carbohydrates a bit and leave them for other times of the day.

Minimally processed foods should be preferred. Among the products that fill you with energy to activate the brain in the morning we have seeds and nuts (source of vitamin E), fatty acids rich in Omega 3proteins (eggs, cheese and dairy products such as yogurt), fresh fruits and vegetables.

9. Stimulate your mind

If the brain is not stimulated, it falls asleep. And even if you’re working, this can happen, especially when it comes to routine tasks.

Then send him a signal to wake up and go to work. In this regard, we have several options:

  • Switch to music.
  • Read an article on an interesting topic.
  • Play games or hobbies, such as puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles.
  • listen’ podcasts instructive.

10. Chewing gum

As strange as it may seem, chewing gum helps us stay alert and focused, also reducing drowsiness. Of course, you need to avoid too much or it can cause temporomandibular or gastrointestinal disorder.

11. Smells

Aromatherapy is also an option when it comes to activating the brain. And that’s it some aromas, in addition to being pleasant, are also stimulating. Try lemon, eucalyptus, mint, sandalwood or lavender.

12. Light lunches

If you eat carbohydrates with a high glycemic index at noon, there may be an increase in insulin release and this state known as nostalgia. The same goes for fats.

You have better options. Replace breads and pastas with similar ones that are whole grains or for vegetables. Also try less meat and more vegetables.

Precautions with coffee to activate the brain

The woman drinks coffee to activate the brain.
Caffeine isn’t the only source of stimulation for the brain. Other alternatives allow us to regulate the consumption of this infusion.

Coffee produces an immediate effect to activate the brain, as few substances do. Furthermore, it is a socially accepted drink that is part of our routine and culture.

But we can’t go to this drip to wake up all the time, because continuous and prolonged intake can lead to health problems.

Second Educationamong the positive effects of coffee we can mention the improvement of cognitive functions, the antidepressant power, the postponement of fatigue and the increase in diuresis.

However, to the same extent it has negative effects. Second research, is considered a risk factor for episodic hypertension. Furthermore, it stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes, which makes it not recommended for people with gastritis.

Activate the brain in various ways

Not activating the brain can have short- and long-term effects. Right away, not being vigilant causes us distractions which, at worst, mean accidents at home, at work and even on the road.

Instead, when the brain works at a minimum level it shuts down, losing functions. This leads to premature aging and early-onset senile dementia.

Apart from the recommendations already given, to activate the brain in the morning the best we can do is sleep well and avoid the consumption of substances such as alcohol.

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