How to attract the girl you like

Would you like to attract the girl you like? There are men who, thanks to their charisma, achieve it without too much effort. However, most of them usually have doubts before making the decision to approach that woman who steals their sleep.

Lack of confidence or shyness causes many to put the idea aside before even trying. The truth is, anyone has the ability to increase their attractiveness, you just need to know how to do it.

To do this, we will provide you with a set of guidelines that will simplify your staging. Let’s go deeper.

5 attractive masculine qualities

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Like every human being, Women can have different tastes in the man they desire. in their life. However, there are some masculine qualities that, for the most part, are quite attractive.

1. Security

Women are not attracted to insecure men. By nature, they tend to feel bigger attraction by those who denote strength and security. Men who exhibit their ability to lead and protect have the upper hand As for the conquest.

When there are obvious signs of shyness, insecurity or nervousness, attempt to do so seduction could be slowed down.

2. Social skills

One of the most attractive things in a girl is a man’s ability to act appropriately in a social situation.

What does this mean? Very simple: it is that ability to safely enter a social environment where you have never been before. This is having initiative, speaking up, being assertive, and showing sympathy and politeness.

3. Body language

Continuing with the line of the first point, to attract the girl you like it is essential to take care of body language. Showing nervousness, self-doubt, or any related trait can be the road to failure, as we have already mentioned.

  • At this point it is essential to take care of body posture and forms of expression.
  • So, avoiding anxious movements and learning to look into each other’s eyes are ways to convey confidence. Likewise, try Don’t invade your personal space.

4. Physical appearance

It’s not about looking like magazine models or anything like that. As with men, physical appearance is also important for women when it comes to flirting.

Try to always be neat, clean and perfumed. Although it is true that many pay more attention to the way of being, the first impression is very relevant.

5. Details

Detailed men have a big advantage in terms of conquest. The details make them feel special and see the interest that exists in sharing experiences alongside them.

There are many ways to get details, even without something material in the way. While it’s true that physical gifts usually make a good impression, they also appreciate the dedication of songs, letters, and kind words.

  • Careful! This quality should be treated sparingly. Although it can be useful in the conquest plan, exceeding it is counterproductive.
  • If the idea is to pique his interest, you have to show interest little by little, without being too “intense”.

man giving a gift

How to conquer the girl you like?

Having clarified the qualities we have mentioned above, what interests us arrives: how can you conquer the girl you like? Well, first of all, you have to try to have an initial approach. The conquest goes through several stages and things don’t always go as planned.

  • If you are ready to start interacting with her, be positivethink you will be successful and try to maintain a balanced personality, without pretending to be something you are not.
  • Pay close attention to how things happen when you are with her and try to identify if there is any kind of interest on her part.
  • Show yourself safe by standing by her side and try to keep the conversation lively and interesting.
  • When you’re more confident, try to include deeper topics so she perceives you as someone trustworthy.
  • Once you notice that she’s interested, look for other opportunities to continue with the hookup.

When is it convenient to express feelings? Is it good to do it on the first date? It’s best to take things slow so you don’t give him a bad impression.

You can show interest without getting straight to the point. After you get to know her better, after you spend more time with her, you can express yourself more openly.

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